Window sill stone or window frame, which one should be installed first?

In the early stage of decoration, we will encounter a problem, that is, the position of the window, should we make the window frame first and then the window sill stone, or should we make the window sill stone first and then the window frame? In this article, we will analyze the pros and cons in detail.

First of all, we need to know the role of windows. The window is to separate the indoor and outdoor space, making the indoor spatial integrity better; Secondly, windows can block various natural changes outside, reducing the impact on the interior. The most important thing around the window is the waterproofing of the edge of the window frame, which is very important.

In the first case, install the window sill stone first and then install the windows.

This method is to prepare the window sill stone before making the window. The inner side of the window sill stone protrudes 30mm on both sides, and the outer side protrudes 15mm. Then the window falls directly on the window sill stone and then collects soft glue to waterproof it.

Advantages: The inside and outside of the window frame are stone window sills, which are more beautiful; the outside of the window sill stone protrudes about 15mm from the wall, which can effectively reduce the pollution of the wall caused by water falling on the window sill.

Disadvantages: The stone itself is not waterproof, so doing the window sill stone first may cause water seepage at the position of the window sill stone to affect the interior wall later;

For indoor window sill stones, we generally recommend using natural marble or artificial stone. Granite is not recommended. Natural marble or artificial stone should not be used in outdoor environments. After a long time, problems such as discoloration, warping, and cracking will occur;

Make a whole piece of window sill stone first, and it is not convenient to replace the window sill stone in the later stage; the window falls directly on the window sill stone so that the weight of the window itself is transferred by the window sill stone, which may cause deformation and fracture of the window sill stone; make a whole piece of window sill stone The budget for the window sill stone will be increased.

The second way is to make windows first and then window sill stones.

This method is to press the window frame first, fill the window frame with foam and play glass soft glue around the outside, and then make the indoor window sill stone.

Advantages: The window falls directly on the wall foundation, the window can bear the force better without affecting the window stone; the filling foam around the window frame and the soft glass outside the window can effectively waterproof; the window sill stone is only used for the indoor part, Natural marble or engineered stone can be used with confidence; save the budget for window sill stones.

Disadvantages: The outer side of the window frame is the base of the original wall, and the inner side is the window sill stone. The difference between the inside and the outside is large, which will affect the appearance a little; the waterproofing of the window position mainly depends on the outer wall of the building itself and the soft foam glue at the window frame position, which is not perfect.

As for the relationship between window sill stones at the window position and the windows, we generally recommend that the windows be installed first and then the indoor window sill stones be made. Now, most new house decoration adopts this method. For the problem of waterproofing the outside of the window first, you can do waterproofing once, or you can make a layer of the aluminum plate on the outside of the window. These methods have good waterproof effects.

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