Why Do You Choose Marble?

Marble has always been a common material for home decoration. It is widely used in the field of space decoration. The natural texture and texture are deeply loved by people. In recent years, in addition to general home decoration materials, more and more new materials have been poured into the market. Today, let’s analyze the difference between natural stone and these materials.

● Common materials


ceramic tile

Rock plate



No.1 appearance


Marble texture changes and other materials can not be reproduced. Marble is created by nature. Each piece has a unique natural texture and color, with various changes and round and diverse colors.

ceramic tile

The ceramic tile is produced by template, and the pattern is easy to repeat, rigid, and unnatural.

Rock plate

The texture is close to marble, but the pattern is rigid and lacks the spirit of natural stone. At present, there are few rock plate lines on the market, and the color is mainly black-and-white gray.


It is made of a variety of crushed stones. It has rich appearance colors and patterns, but it can’t be as pure as marble.

No. 2 material

The service life and cost performance of marble is unmatched by other materials


Marble has a strong sense of jade quality, is not easy to deform, is not magnetized, and has good wear resistance. Even though it has been renovated many times, it is still as bright as new and has a long service life, but there are certain pores in marble, so it needs to pay more attention to maintenance.

ceramic tile

The texture of the ceramic tile is only on the glaze of the surface, and its wear and tear can not be repaired after renovation.

Rock plate

The rock plate has high wear and corrosion resistance and can be recycled, but the rock plate is brittle, explosive, easy to fracture, flexible, easy to bend and deform, hard and difficult to process.


Terrazzo has high hardness and strong wear resistance, but the raw materials are acidic and the corrosion resistance is relatively poor. There are many gaps in the middle of the terrazzo floor, which is easy to accumulate dirty things and has strong waterproof permeability.

No.3 comparison of characteristics of four materials

  1. type

The types of natural stones are very rich and distributed all over the world. Through modern logistics, they are concentrated in some important stone markets. The selectivity of customers is very high, while there is still a gap in other materials in this regard.

2. Rich texture

The texture of the natural stone is a treasure given by nature. It is rich in nature, beautiful in the atmosphere, and has all kinds of colors. Entering any stone market will certainly make you intoxicated and can’t bear to leave. Other materials are somewhat monotonous.

3.  Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, durability, folding resistance

The performance of the natural stone in these four aspects will be more excellent.

No. 4 other differences

1. Application

Stone is widely used, indoor and outdoor, wall and ground, basically covering all parts of the decoration, while several other materials are limited in this regard.

2. Installation method

Compared with other materials, the installation method of stone will be more complex, the professional skills will be stronger, and the cost will be higher.

3. Plasticity

Because the stone is mined from natural mines, the size of the plate can be customized, especially in some large sizes. Although other materials are also customized, they are still limited; In addition, stone can be made into various special-shaped products, such as carving, arc plate, etc., which can not be compared with other materials.

In general, the natural texture and beauty of marble are unmatched by artificial materials. Although the price of marble is relatively expensive, its service life also proves the high-cost performance of marble in home decoration materials, because anything can not simply measure its value by price, but comprehensively evaluate its various advantages. Well, this article will be written here first. I look forward to your email sales@sntstone.com, let’s discuss more interesting stories about stone.

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