Why are marble door jambs so popular?

In modern home decoration, people are increasingly demanding decoration, from large to small, with precise control over details. When it comes to the use of marble for home decoration, people usually think of the ground and walls, and the use of marble for door jambs is gradually becoming more and more popular.

Why choose marble door jambs?

Beautiful and elegant

With natural texture and color, the marble itself is a decorative home decoration material. When used on door jambs, it presents a sense of unity, advanced texture, aesthetics, and elegance.

Water resistance and sun protection

Door jambs used outdoors are often exposed to wind, sun, and rain, and may inevitably be damaged over a long period of time. But the waterproof and sunscreen performance of marble is very good, and it needs to showcase the design sense of outdoor space. Marble is a very good choice.

Durable and durable

Natural marble has a tight structure and good wear resistance. Compared to wood, it will not have problems such as paint peeling, and even after multiple renovations, it will still be shiny as new, with a long service life.

High cost-effectiveness

Items such as door jamb lines that are not easily replaced and require long-term use are more cost-effective compared to other materials. Although marble was originally more expensive, it has a longer service life and is more cost-effective compared to future repairs of other materials.

What are the designs for marble door jambs?

It is important to use appropriate lines in the design of marble door jambs for different decoration styles. European-style villas or duplex buildings can choose to have aesthetically pleasing curved lines. If it is a flat or minimalist decoration, simple style lines can be used.

3. Application cases of marble door jambs

Case of marble door jambs

home decoration



Case of Marble Pass Door Cover

Often used to distinguish between home decoration spaces.

Case of the marble door opening

Outdoor buildings and famous building cases

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