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When it comes to marble color, white is undoubtedly very popular. It is not only the leader in home furnishing applications but also the most popular color in all seasons and occasions. White is suitable for many styles, and can also be matched with other colors. So this article we will talk about the story of white stone together.

● Main distribution

The distribution of white marble is very characteristic. The main varieties in the world are distributed in several large mining areas with a square circle of less than 20 square kilometers. There are three main white marble mining areas in the world: Carrara in Italy, vodkas in Greece, Baoxing County, Ya’an, Sichuan Province, China.

1. Kerala is the most famous and largest white marble mining area in the world, mainly producing fish-belly white, snowflake white, big flower white, fine white, and other varieties. The mines are all concentrated in the range of 15 square kilometers.

2. main varieties of years by, jazz white and new jazz white are produced in the vodkas region of Greece, and the mines are distributed in the range of 8km * 2km.

3. Baoxing area in China mainly produces Oriental white, landscape painting, blue sky white jade, and other varieties, and the mines are distributed in less than 10 square kilometers.

● Reasons for liking white stone

  1. Marble market position promotion

With the wide application of marble, stone has become the favorite in the field of design. The price of the company also shows an overall upward trend. This also indirectly led to the price of white marble rising.

2. Decoration effect is significant

White marble has become one of the decoration materials that designers like for its unique texture and whiteboard surface. The reason is that the space decorated with white marble is fresh and elegant and elegant. It has a significant effect on improving the atmosphere of the whole space. This is the most fundamental reason for the popularity of white marble.

3. The fashion of minimalist style

In modern society, people are under more pressure. To reduce the burden, the minimalist style is becoming popular. It emphasizes the minimalist style of less is more, and advocates the simplification and leaving blank. Minimalist style is also popular among modern young people for its distinctive characteristics.

4. Look up the height

So-called tall refers to the high-grade, grade decoration site. People generally have the following psychology, when you see a place where the decoration is particularly good, will also follow the wind to try this decoration. And white marble in daily life appears many times very much. In addition to the government office, white marble also often appears in the major high-end hotels and clubs.

● Problems to be paid attention to in the design and use of white stone

Although the white marble series is widely used in decoration because it is light-colored stone, designers should pay special attention to the following points when using such stones:

1. white series stone is easy to dye and causes other pollution. It is better to add an anti-pollution agent on the back of the stone and protect other surfaces.

2. white stone often has a large color difference, and the pattern is too thick or flake, which affects its utilization rate.

3. snowflake white and other white marble are generally soft and easy to scratch. Especially, special grade snow-white marble is difficult to make glue after damage, so it needs attention in the transportation and construction process.

● Introduction to a common white stone

1. fish-belly white

It is produced in the Carrara mining area of Italy. It is white. The belly white refers to the color, color, and glossiness similar to the belly of fish. The feeling after laying has the moist and elegant smell of jade and is also a white luxurious marble often used in our interior design.

2. snow white

Snow white natural marble, produced in Italy, has the characteristics of the whole body of the board, pure and transparent texture snow, and the pattern distribution or gray line runs through the surface of the board. The light intensity is excellent and can reach 120 degrees. Due to the fine texture and glossiness characteristics, the white snow is a high-grade product in the dolomite.

3. Jazz white

Jazz white, imported marble, white and quiet color, with pure texture, and unique texture, more special landscape patterns, give people elegant but not lose the sense of fashion. At the same time, jazz white stone is of fine material, has good processability, small hardness, is easy to carve, is suitable for carving and special-shaped materials, and sound insulation and heat insulation can be used in deep processing.

4. Jasper

Ariston, of Greek origin, belongs to carbonate metamorphosis rock. It was originally the accumulation and crystallization of lime mud on the seafloor and became the opal white background color with a little gray pattern.

5. Medium white/blue and white

Venatino, also known as cyan white, is mainly produced in Sichuan Province, with fine and even grains, high quartz content, white background color, and gray-black texture. According to the pattern, it can be divided into medium white and fine white.

6. special snowflake white

Special snowflake white, precious series of natural marble, bottom white, gray grain, with thickness and fineness. According to the whiteness of the base color, fine grain, whether there are yellow spots, cracks, and gray zone determines the quality, the special snowflake white is the best in all marble stones, but also has the characteristics of water damage and is difficult to glue.

7. Carrara White Marble

Carrara white, rock characteristics, light gray silk, dot, fine grain, light gray silk, white marble. White background, ink-like lines, fine texture, give people a simple, concise, lively feeling. She has a good waterproof effect, water absorption is only 0.11%, acid and alkaline resistance is also very good.

White marble is simple and clean, with light luxury temperament and advanced sense, with the change of the trend of home decoration style, modern simple has become the most popular style. A home is a place of emotional blending, it does not need resplendence, nor does it need grand momentum, it needs a warm and harmonious life mood in line with the temperament of the residents. If you like white stone, please email me sales@sntstone.com, share your story with white stone

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