What is washed stone? (1)

Water washed stone is a decorative method that uses natural river, sea pebbles, or gravel to mix with cement in a certain proportion, spreads it on the base layer, flattens it with a load-bearing tool, and cleans the surface adhesive to expose the original appearance of the stone. It is similar to the popular water brushed stone process in the 1970s and 1980s. Water washed stone is widely used in indoor decoration and outdoor landscape design due to its various colors and shapes of raw materials, which can decorate various shapes and designs. Some large areas of exterior wall decoration also use water washed stone, exuding a natural and simple feeling.

Material performance and characteristics

Excellent performance: high wear resistance, high cleanliness, high designability, non combustible and corrosion-resistant, and bright and rich colors. The characteristics are as follows:

(1) High permeability: Water washed stone flooring has a porosity of 15% to 25%, with a permeability rate of 270L/㎡ per minute, which is much higher than the drainage rate of the best drainage system with maximum rainfall.

(2) High breathability: Water washed stone flooring has a porosity of 15% to 25%, effectively conducting surface and soil temperature, regulating air and surface temperature and humidity, effectively alleviating the heat island effect, and also has advantages such as sound absorption, noise reduction, and non reflection, which has a positive effect on improving the environment and improving traffic safety.

(3) Ecological and environmental protection: It can effectively supplement groundwater, improve soil structure, reduce the probability of floods, and has outstanding performance in ecological slope protection.

(4) Artistic aesthetics: Designers can fully unleash their imagination and express their inspiration. Permeable flooring has particularly obvious advantages in expressing large curves, multicolored blocks, and large spaces.

(5) Strong wear resistance: Long service life.

(6) Vivid colors: With good visual effects and enhanced alertness.

Product classification and process

It is divided into natural river pebbles and manually processed machine cut crushed stones according to whether the raw materials are processed or not.

(1) Natural river pebbles: The particle size is smooth and natural, and the surface of the constructed washed stone is full of stone particles with high glossiness, giving a natural and comfortable appearance.

Commonly used natural washed stones have the following varieties according to their material and color: Sanbao Sand, Crystal Beige, Taihang Grey, Colorful Sand, Golden Stone, Green Sesame, Colored Stone, Hong Kong and Macao Stone, Sea Shell Stone, Black Diamond, Chicken Blood Stone, Cocoa Stone, etc.

(2) Artificial machine cutting stone: There are many sharp corners in particle size, and the color is single. The surface of the washed stone produced during construction is not full enough, with a dull luster and poor appearance.

Construction process

(1) Crystal color curing method: According to the requirements of the designer, different colors of washed stones and special adhesives are mixed, and after priming, applying, and curing, they are not limited by patterns or shapes, and are suitable for indoor walls and exterior walls.

(2) Cement mixing method: Colored gravel and cement are mixed together, leveled, applied, rubbed, and surface treated, suitable for saunas, bathrooms, outdoor areas, garden roads, etc.

(3) Web adhesive method: This is a method of using old materials and new techniques to pre bond the screened washed stone onto a mesh fabric glass fiber mesh, with a general size of 300mm x 300mm and serrated edges. Then, a method similar to pasting mosaic is used for construction, and a special adhesive is used for pasting, suitable for large area walls, special window sills, floors, etc.

The characteristics of this process are: stable engineering quality, uniform distribution of stones without color difference, and easy assurance of flatness and verticality. The construction time of the project is shortened, and the construction environment is clean (if special jointing lines are used, wet operations on site can be completely avoided). The design pattern and shape are not limited, material saving, and can effectively reduce engineering costs. It is a construction method worth promoting.

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