What is liquid marble?

There are various stone processing techniques, and with the development of science and technological progress, the processed products have exceeded our inherent imagination. You may not imagine that one day, tough marble will become so soft and romantic. Marble creates a liquid surface effect, such as a slowly flowing river with clear waves, or a calm river where a stone falls and ripples. This unique marble is truly eye-catching and has become a popular stone art form recently. In this article, we will explore relevant knowledge about liquid marble together.

01. What is liquid marble

Liquid marble is formed by linear sawing, CNC carving, and manual polishing of hard natural stones, resulting in a visually liquefied state. Surface treatment: polished/matte, common applications: art decoration, home products, walls and floors, etc

Performance characteristics

The combination of linear sawing and CNC carving can create 3D stone effects. Exquisite and realistic patterns of different depths and slopes can be carved on the stone surface, and with manual fine polishing, natural textures will be presented, highlighting exquisite proportions under light and shadow reflection, creating an artistic atmosphere.

02. Construction process of liquid marble

Key points of construction

1. Linear sawing forms the prototype

2. CNC engraving to carve peaks and valleys

3. Final improvement of manual polishing

Construction Key

The natural freehand brushwork of the waves, the sharp lines of the peaks are straight

Installation process

Same as the normal construction method for installing marble and stone walls on the ground (wet or dry hanging, depending on the thickness, dry hanging can be considered for walls above 30mm)

Wet pasting process: leveling the base layer → plastering the bonding layer (cement mortar) → paving stone → detail processing → completion.

Dry hanging process: wall setting out → pre arranging stone materials → installing expansion bolts → installing steel framework and adjusting → fixing stone materials → gluing protection → completion

Construction attention: After the product arrives at the site, it is installed using a closely assembled paving method, which can be filled or not filled.

02. Appreciation of Liquid Marble Cases

Liquid marble showcases a surreal image of the ocean, vividly mimicking the ripples and sensations of the water surface gently blown by a breeze. The natural freehand brushwork of liquid marble waves, with sharp peaks and edges, the designer uses the patterns of the marble itself and the handling of details to transform this originally simple marble into a sparkling sea.

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