What are the ways of marble paving?

Style is always an inseparable topic in design, and all design work revolves around style, and the understanding of style is also the designer’s understanding and perception of design. Modern, light luxury, minimalism, and wabi-sabi style are particularly popular design styles this year, and the fusion of other style elements can also be seen in them. The current trend in interior design is the integration of various styles, and the concept of “no style” has also been derived. No matter how emerging styles evolve in the future, they will all be integrated and innovated on the basis of existing styles.

Many people consider natural marble when choosing indoor flooring materials. Marble has the characteristics of a compact structure, not easy to deform, long service life, and repairability. The natural texture of marble is unique and high-grade. It has always been the first choice for luxury houses of various styles. There are various ways to pave the marble floor, such as the common straight paving, rhombus paving, back-shaped paving, combined paving, etc., all of which make the marble perfect. So what are the specific ways of floor marble paving? Let’s share it together today.

01. Traditional front shop

Traditional paving is the most common paving method for marble. The texture is displayed in one go, which is more suitable for simple and modern styles. If it is combined with the European style, it will be a little monotonous. At this time, other paving schemes have to be adopted.

02. Mix and match shop

Mix-and-match front paving is a combination of 2-3 types of marble with different textures. It is full of personality and is more suitable for large space floors with a modern light luxury style.

03. Mix and match diagonally

Mix-and-match oblique paving is to alternately pave two types of marble at 45° to the horizontal line of the wall and floor, which can greatly enhance the three-dimensional sense of the space and is very suitable for spaces such as aisles and corridors with modern light and luxurious styles.

04. Back-shaped shop

Match the long strips of stone or other materials of different colors and textures around the marble border, so that the entire ground forms a “back”-shaped sense of sight, which is called back-shaped paving. The back-shaped paving is stylish and atmospheric, which is very in line with the space temperament of marble and is more suitable for modern/simple European style. In addition to the single-layer back shop, it can also be folded or combined to double the beauty.

05. Stripe front shop

The striped front paving is to spread two different marbles side by side alternately, which can be the same width or one wide and one narrow.

06. Dot matrix front shop

Dot matrix paving is also a good solution if you want to be low-key and have a sense of design. The corners of each panel are decorated with small-sized stones of different colors, which looks warm and lovely, durable and durable, and are more suitable for light luxury style and modern minimalist European style.

07. Irregular cutting combined paving method

Irregular cutting combined paving method refers to cutting stones into triangles, parallelograms, rhombuses, hexagons, etc. of different sizes, and then creatively combining paving methods, which is more suitable for European and French-style large space floors.

08. Partition paving method

The partition-type paving method is to use different colors of marble or other materials to distinguish different functional spaces so that the boundaries of the space areas are clearer. Compared with the traditional paving method, it has a more design sense and is also suitable for a modern minimalist style.

09. Wave laying method

Compared with the traditional paving method, the wave line paving method will not appear too monotonous, and it can also increase the three-dimensional effect and make the space more flexible. It is also a reasonable partitioning method when used properly. It is suitable for modern style and new Chinese styles.

10. Marble inlaid copper strip paving method

The internationally popular material combination of marble and brass shines brilliantly in the home, and it also has an industrial style, which is especially suitable for modern light luxury style or neoclassical style. Combine the classic design with modern style to create a new classic luxury style design.

11. Marble parquet paving method

Because of its unique texture and texture, marble has become a unique material to enhance the quality of home decoration, and the gorgeous overall effect of marble mosaics is highly praised in many European-style and French-style home decoration elegant designs.

Marble is a material that can be used in any home decoration style. Incorporating marble elements into the design can bring a different decorative effect to the space. Let the stone easily realize the integration of various styles; let the design have more innovative possibilities.

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