What are the taboos for natural stone maintenance?

We have discussed stone maintenance many times before, but we still need to summarize the importance of stone maintenance again.

5 taboos for stone maintenance

1. Do not rinse directly with water

Natural stone, like natural wood, is a porous material that can breathe, making it easy to absorb water or dissolve it in water to invade and pollute. If a stone absorbs too much water and pollutes, it can cause various stone lesions, such as yellow spots, water spots, white spots, and alkali. Therefore, the stone should avoid washing the surface with water or using a wet mop.

2. Do not touch non-neutral items

All stones are afraid of acids and alkalis. Acids often cause the oxidation of pyrite minerals in granite to produce yellowing. Acids will decompose calcium carbonate contained in marble, resulting in erosion of the surface. Alkali is also the primary culprit for the erosion of granite, feldspar, and quartz silicide crystals and damage to stone mirrors.

3. Do not wax arbitrarily

There are many kinds of waxes on the market, such as water-based wax, stearic acid wax, oil-based wax, acrylic wax, etc. These waxes contain acid-base substances, which can block the pores of the stone, stain with dirt, and form wax scale, causing etiolation on the surface of the stone.

4. Do not use nonneutral cleaning agents indiscriminately

In order to achieve a fast cleaning effect, general cleaning agents contain acidity and alkalinity. If cleaning agents with unknown ingredients are used for a long time, the surface luster of the stone will be completely lost, as the residue of non-neutral agents is also the main cause of stone lesions in the future

5. Do not cover carpets and debris for a long time

To maintain the smooth breathing of the stone, it is necessary to avoid covering the stone surface with carpets and debris for a long time, otherwise, the moisture of the stone cannot evaporate through the fine pores of the stone. Stone can cause damage due to excessive moisture and increased water content

Four measures for stone maintenance

1. Keep clean and tidy

Both hard granite and softer marble are not resistant to long-term damage from wind, sand, and soil particles. After entering the home, wear slippers to reduce the chance of sand and dust abrasion on the stone surface

2. Regular maintenance and upkeep

By relying solely on dust removal and cleaning, the bright stone luster cannot be maintained continuously. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly hire a professional company for maintenance and gloss regeneration work

3. Timely decontamination and repair

All natural stones have fine pores, and pollution sources (such as oil, tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, ink, etc.) can easily penetrate into the interior of the stone along the fine pores, forming difficult-to-remove stains. Therefore, it is necessary to choose high-quality stone-specific protective agents to prevent pollution sources from polluting the stone. All protective agents cannot completely block pollution for a long time, so once a source of pollution falls on the stone, it must be immediately removed to prevent infiltration into the capillary pores of the stone

4. Maintain ventilation and dryness

Excessive environmental humidity can have irreversible effects on stone materials. Water vapor can cause hydration, hydrolysis, and carbonation of stone materials, resulting in various pathological changes such as water spots, white hua, weathering, rust yellow, etc., which can damage the stone materials. Therefore, the installation site of stone materials should always be kept ventilated and dry.

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