What are the skills for installing stone lines?

In-home decoration, consumers are required to keep improving, so whether it is the overall style of home or the handling of details, it is almost required to buy high-quality materials. For example, stone lines have gradually become the building materials that consumers consider when decorating.

Of course, with the progress of technology and the diversification of consumers’ aesthetics, the types of stone lines are more and, and they are gradually applied to more and more decorated places. Now let’s talk about the installation of stone lines.

Construction technology of stone line

1. Construction process

Construction preparation – base course treatment – leveling and setting out – line and corner cutting – hanging (or welding with reinforcement) and local repair – finished product protection.

2. Use tools

Hand saw, saw blade, ink fountain, tape measure, angle ruler, trowel, plaster knife, wallpaper knife, scissors, broom, wire support board, 2m guiding rule, electric mixer, wire brush, sandpaper, etc.

3. Line installation requirements

(1) When the section size is less than 800mm × When 800mm, directly hit on the concrete wall Ф eight × 100 Expansion bolts and GRC component embedded parts shall be welded and fixed (there shall be no less than 4 welding points between embedded parts and expansion bolts, and a fixed point shall be set every 500mm).

(2) Special attention: when the wall is light masonry Ф 8. The steel bar shall be fabricated and welded with the GRC component embedded parts.

(3) . Installation of window sleeves. Install expansion bolts on the wall or weld the wall rod with the embedded parts of the component. There shall be no less than 4 fixed points within 2000 mm of the single component (bed cover, side wall, window lower platform) and no less than 6 fixed points beyond 2000 mm.

(4) Installation of large components such as various shapes, peach-shaped plates, and column heads. The embedded parts of GRC components are welded and fixed with expansion bolts or wall rods.

Stone lines usually have three processing forms

1. Block processing;

2. Two thin plates of the same material are stuck together for processing;

3. Both sides of a single sheet shall be thickened, and artificial stone shall be placed in the middle.

The following three points should be noted during the decoration

Wall Selection

When the stone line is decorated, it will generally ensure that the wall is smooth and clean, not susceptible to moisture, and the adhesive glue used can be firm for a long time without deterioration and aging; If the wall has been painted, it is necessary to scrape off the wall paint or putty powder on the wall or add a layer of the wood base on the painted wall.

Fixing method

Stick with nail-free glue or universal glue, but it is recommended to choose a brand with a good reputation and quality.

Splicing method

When turning, use the horizontal 45 ° cutting splicing method. The length of the marble line can be customized without splicing, which can meet the user’s needs on the length of the line; If shorter lines are selected, they need to be spliced, which looks unnatural. In addition, some businesses have proposed to use corners to reduce loss. I do not recommend this method. Whether corners can be used to achieve seamless splicing is still a question, and the beauty of lines will be greatly reduced.

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