What are the production areas of marble in foreign countries? (1)

There are various and rich varieties of marble, and marble from different places has different feelings. In addition to domestic marble, there is also imported marble. For example, Iran, Türkiye, Italy, and Brazil are the world’s stone raw materials exporting countries. They have various varieties, rich reserves, and high quality. Next, let’s learn about the varieties and origins of foreign marble together.

01. Introduction to Iranian Stone

There are over 5000 stone processing plants and 1200 mines in Iran, with over 900 mines already mined. In terms of the stone resources of Iran as a whole, the stone resources currently developed only account for 25% of the country’s stone resources, with 75% remaining undeveloped. Lorestan Province is a major mining and construction stone deposit in the western province of Iran, with 400 cutting machinery and processing companies in this region alone. So, Iran’s stone resources have considerable international strength.

Iran has 32 provinces, each of which is rich in granite and marble. According to the geographical location of Iran, there are cave stones and marble in the north and rich granite varieties in the south. There are more cave stones and fewer granite resources in the central marble series. Granite resources are the main resources around the border.

Common Iranian stone varieties in China

Travertine Light

The Iranian beige cave stone belongs to the beige series tone, with a light and soft color. It is named after many holes, and the scientific name for its stone is tuff or travertine. Commercially, it is classified as marble. The ancient biological fossils presented from the cave stones form natural patterns, which are very suitable for indoor wall bodies, floors, hand wash box techniques, and exterior wall materials.


The Iranian yellow cave stone is beige in color, with alternating yellow and white patterns. Its advantages are simple and natural, elegant and noble. It has a higher hardness than ordinary stones and is elegant and noble. It is an ideal material for halls, curtain walls, and columns.

White Cave Stone

Iranian white cave stone is the species with the whitest color, hardest quality, and densest structure among all cave stones, with even and finer grain patterns. The texture inside the cave stone is the hardest. The style is simple and natural, elegant and noble, making it an ideal material for halls, curtain walls, and columns.

Red Cave Stone

The Iranian red cave stone is a red marble with clear bedding and distinct holes. A bright red background with yellow straight lines. Its unique texture highlights the exotic and mysterious colors of Southeast Asia. Suitable for interior decoration, background walls, floors, restrooms, countertops, etc.


Iranian agave, also known as red-line beige, belongs to a type of marble. The red thread pattern on a white background. Suitable for indoor decoration, such as TV countertops, window sills, indoor floors, interior walls, etc.

White House Beige

The Iranian White House is beige and belongs to a type of marble. The color is beige and slightly white, with even patterns. Suitable for indoor decoration, such as TV countertops, window sills, indoor floors, interior walls, etc. It is an ideal material for decorating luxurious buildings and also a traditional material for artistic carving.

Snow White

The background color of Iranian Snow White is pure white, with high density and an oily texture. There are fine and dense white lines in some areas, as well as irregular golden cracks. Some varieties are also mixed with red lines and random patterns. The material is relatively soft and crystal clear. Such pure and pure white stone cannot create a simple, lively, and contemporary style. Suitable for indoor decoration, such as walls, wash basins, stairs, handicrafts, etc.

Orange jade

Iranian orange jade, also known as seagull landscape painting, is a natural jade with clear patterns and meridians. The jade itself forms a landscape painting, with an elegant and distant charm. Large boards are relatively rare and precious and require good installation coordination to showcase their beauty. Suitable for high-end indoor and outdoor decoration, components, countertops, washbasins, background walls, transparent boards, furniture panels, handicrafts, etc.

Oman Rose

The Iranian Oman rose material is tight, with no fine holes in the layout and high glossiness. It is one of the new varieties of gray marble and is used for large indoor marble walls and floors with elegant effects.

Golden Saana

Iran Gold Saana is a new variety of natural Iranian marble, with a yellow background and red roots, and uniform stripes. The texture is solid and delicate, with light red and yellow alternating patterns appearing in the stone body, making it particularly suitable for column carving and decoration, with excellent results. The texture is warm and soft, with a light yellow color tone and winding elegant pink veins, like a touch of sunset on the horizon, making it pleasing to the eye.

02. Introduction to Brazilian Stone

Brazil is the third-largest exporter of slate and the second-largest exporter of granite. The top five export markets for natural stone in Brazil are the United States, China, Italy, Canada, and Mexico. Brazil has a wide range of natural stone varieties and rich colors, making it highly competitive in the world stone market.


Jingya Palm


Gran Yuntian

Amazon Green

Snow Mountain Flying Fox

Fan Zhehei

The sea embraces all rivers

03. Introduction to Italian Stone

Italy is known as the “Kingdom of Stone” and has long ranked first in the world in terms of production, import, and export volume. From narrow stone alleys, and large blocks of stone, to blinds and iron railings, deep overhanging eaves at the top, lifelike sculptures of stone, and majestic stone columns, people truly feel the existence of this unique city.

Italy, which is rich in marble resources, is also famous for its stone craftsmanship and its design is second to none in the world. Italy has always attached great importance to the use of stone in residential buildings. Marble and other stones account for 56% of the total usage in residential buildings, and 70% of households tend to use stones because they are elegant and natural.

Italian stone varieties. Fine Flower White, Large Flower White, Medium Flower White, Caracas White (Caracas White Mining Area, Italy)

Italian Fish Maw White

Italian Black Gold Flower

Italian Roman Cave Stone

Blue Sands

Cisco Brown

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