What are the processes for customizing a marble whole house? (2)

Product refinement and splitting steps

1、 Drawing refinement

Before adjusting the drawings, it is necessary to have the final on-site basic completed dimensions and complete on-site photos. Check if the measurement chart data is clear. If there are any doubts, loopholes, or omissions, the data needs to be re-measured. The basic dimension lines in the drawing should be represented by bold red lines

1. Precautions for adjusting the top view:

a. Has the wall thickness or concave wall depth dimension been added to the wall panel thickness

b. Refine the product node diagram with door frames, curtain box covers, wall corners, or column positions

c. Pay attention to the distance between the opposite side of the room and the wall where there is a set line. If it is not enough, can the set line size be adjusted or changed

2. Precautions for adjusting the ceiling diagram

a. The relationship between ceiling and background alignment

b. Is there a conflict between the air vent, light source, and ceiling product, or is it affecting the installation and production of the product

c. After adjusting the size, refine the node diagram between the ceiling and the product

d. After adjusting the drawings, the ceiling view must be mirrored and changed to a top-down view

3. Precautions for Adjusting Elevations

a. Adjust according to the adjusted top view node diagram and the measured dimensions simultaneously

b. Pay attention to any conflicts between sockets, switches, and products

c. Check whether the dimensions of the equipment provided by Party A related to the product are complete and accurate and whether there are any conflicts

d. Are all room skirting lines aligned with the ground? Yes, the customer needs to provide dimensions,

e. Pay attention to whether the size and layer height of the review are the finished surface

f. Reserve the position of the wall panel against the wall according to the installation method

g. Pay attention to the relationship between background and ceiling

h. Check if the elevation and line specifications of each facade are consistent

2、 Product Splitting

1. Precautions for splitting wall panels

a. The split line is represented by a thick pink line

b. When disassembling, please note that the specifications should not be too large or too trivial

c. Pay attention to the relationship and size between handover and handover positions

d. Try to avoid exposing the joints as much as possible and minimize them

e. Try to code according to floor, room, and quantity as much as possible. For example, if the bedroom on the second floor is numbered 2W-01

f. Number the products in the same category in a unified order, and indicate the quantity when placing an order

g. The font of the number should be highlighted and easy to recognize, preferably with a background covering and correct placement. Check the number of wall panels for missing numbers

2. Precautions for splitting line categories

a. The lines need to be decomposed according to the size of each room, and the joints should be minimized as much as possible

b. Regular lines require material preparation

c. The small corner lines need to be combined in the factory

d. The thickness relationship between the waistline, skirting line, and door frame line

e. Pay attention to the direction of irregular lines and try not to break them apart

f. Calculate the position of the flower using irregular large carved lines

3. Notes on Drawing and Ordering

Sometimes it is necessary to specify the order instructions: materials, process requirements, factory hardware configuration, packaging and transportation requirements, installation process requirements, etc

a. According to the requirements of the contract and customer communication, write a general order instruction manual on the homepage of the drawings

b. The drawings must be concise and clear, with clear data and clear notes and terminology

c. The order of drawing numbers should be in order

d. Before placing an order, the drawings must be printed out for review. The specific review content includes checking whether the font size and graphics of the drawings are clear, and checking whether the marked dimensions are off and shifted. After the review is completed, the drawings are exported to a JPG format electronic document as a reference

e. After the factory order officer completes the list, they need to review whether the list and drawings match

Standardized mapping process

1. Analyze structural issues

2. Triple sex analysis

a) Interface analysis

b) Obstacle analysis

c) Hidden risk analysis

3. Aesthetic design

4. Understand the user’s personality traits and preferences

5. User’s lifestyle habits

6. User’s aesthetic perspective

7. User’s family structure

8. Analysis of the overall environmental conditions

9. Consider material yield

10. Transportation, packaging, installation, maintenance, etc

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