What are the precautions for using doorstones in decoration?

Many people probably don’t quite understand that doorstones are an important subject in home decoration. In some areas of home decoration, it is necessary to use door stones. Door stones are stone thresholds, used to handle the height difference between the surface and the interior, handle the transition between two materials, block water, and create beautiful effects. The color selection of the doorstone greatly affects the beauty of the home, so next we will introduce the color of the doorstone and the precautions for doorstone decoration.

What is a doorstone?

Due to the different materials and methods used in different rooms, the thickness of the ground varies, resulting in height differences and poor transitions between certain materials. For example, in the living room or hallway, reinforced composite flooring is laid on the ground, with a thickness of approximately 12-15. The ceramic tiles on the floor of the bathroom, including the thickness of cement mortar, the thickness of the tiles, and the slope thickness of the flowing water on the ground are much higher than those on the floor after completion. At this point, the “doorstep stone” is one of the most commonly used treatment methods.

The exquisite craftsmanship of the doorstone

1. Each door stone should not be laid in equal sections, that is, the door stone has a single middle seam centered on the room. It is best to have an intact piece of stone. If the stone cannot be laid in a single piece, it is best to divide it into three pieces, that is, divide it in half first, and then divide the half into two more halves. When laying, the two small pieces should be on both sides and the half large pieces should be in the center. If it is necessary to divide it in half, then avoid dividing it equally in the middle, one big and one small.

2. Usually, granite is used as a door stone, as its raw material is harder than marble and more resistant to stepping. If there is a stone mosaic or stone edge on one side of the ground, similar or identical materials can also be used for a more beautiful comparison.

3. Usually, it is recommended that the door stone be slightly 5-10 millimeters higher than the bathroom floor. Slightly obstructing the height of the water flow is sufficient. Firstly, it should be beautiful. Secondly, try to avoid stumbling under your feet. Thirdly, the bathroom entrance should be the highest point for finding a slope, and there should be very little water. On the lower side, the height of the entrance stone above the ground should not exceed 20 millimeters, similar to the above principle. Excessive height difference can be customized with thickened stone.

Precautions for doorstone decoration

① There should be a thickness difference, and the thickness of the stone should not be less than 2.5cm. If the normal thickness of the marble board is 1.6CM, it can be customized with the store and thickened to 3CM. This method not only satisfies the request for a 2cm unevenness, but also has a reasonable and tight lower opening, and the corners of the door stone are straight and beautiful, adding highlights to the overall home decoration.

② The color should be distinctive, but not too abrupt. If the home is paved with beige tiles or marble, it is recommended to use red purple Luo red marble, black gold sand granite, perhaps coffee-colored tropical rainforest marble, or imported granite red-brown with high wear resistance.

③ How to cut the entrance stone of the main gate more appropriately? If the length of the main gate is about 2 meters, when making the entrance stone, the master can make it a long one in the middle and a short one at both ends, which is both beautiful and grand.

④ There are two algorithms for calculating the price of door stones: one is based on meters, and the other is based on whole blocks. Depending on the type of selection and the scale of production, the typical price of doorstones ranges from 50 to 200 yuan.

Color of the doorstone

Is it an excellent combination of dark yellow floor tiles and wall stickers paired with brown mesh marble door stones? The wooden floor outside the entrance stone further harmonizes the overall planning. The same artistic style, the color scheme to a certain extent expresses primary and secondary harmony, visually preventing us from feeling scattered and complex. Looking at the white walls and milky white washbasin, all demonstrate the owner’s aesthetic cultivation.

2. With a clean and transparent glass door and a fully automatic toiletries switch, have you been deeply attracted by the days when the owner savors the food? The combination of small grid-shaped floor tiles and black gold sand door stones makes you admire the designer’s wonderful design again!

The above is an introduction to the installation precautions and colors of door stones. Door stones are the face of home decoration, so it is important to pay attention to color matching during decoration, as well as the selection of height and materials.

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