What are the precautions for installing home marble?

Stone is a widely used decoration material in indoor and outdoor decoration, with a wide range of applications. Including indoor threshold stones, floors, sills, bars, dining tables, TV walls, decorative walls, stairs, door and window covers, washbasins, shower floors, bathroom wall floors, etc; Outdoor floors, walls, and various shapes can all be stone. So there are so many locations where stone can be used, how can we choose which ones can be handed over to bricklayers for installation in decoration, and which ones should be installed by professional stone installers as much as possible? Next, we will explore this issue.

Before distinguishing, let’s first understand what kind of work is generally involved in bricklayers in decoration. The early bricklaying and plastering of the wall, and the middle stage of tiling and leveling of the floor tiles. They are all relatively simple and flat jobs. In terms of installation costs, the cost of bricklayers is much lower than that of professional stone installers. Therefore, for stones that can be handed over to bricklayers for installation, it is advisable to let them install as much as possible, which can save the budget.

The threshold stones for indoor decoration, simple window sills, and simple shower floors have simple shapes, and the stone specifications are small and do not require on-site cutting and adjustment. For installation using river sand cement, it is best to let the bricklayer install them. The natural stone bay windows with large panels and the irregular marble shower floor should be installed by professional stone installers as much as possible.

For indoor walls, bars, and dining tables that require installation with stone glue, which is relatively large and has complex shapes, as well as stones with many seams and seams, it is also recommended to have a professional stone installer install them. Because these details are not handled well, it will greatly affect the appearance of the stone after installation, greatly reducing the overall decoration effect. The same goes for outdoor areas. Simple bricklayers using river sand cement can be installed, but for those with complex shapes that require dry hanging, it is recommended that they be installed by professional stone installers.

From the perspective of home decoration time, bricklayers are mainly involved in the early and middle stages of construction. During this period, threshold stones, window sills, and shower floors need to be involved, while walls, washbasins, and dining tables are all later stages of construction. So the bricklayers can usually install simple stone materials before they leave the site. Some more complex ones require carpentry to make the base layer for installation, which is staggered from the period of the bricklayer.

From the perspective of the stone installation effect, the final effect of stone modeling is that good stone installation can account for half of the credit, so it is best for professional installation of important stone modeling positions.

In short, in indoor and outdoor decoration, simple mud masons with river sand cement stickers can be installed. The rest are recommended to be installed by professional stone installers. For us homeowners, anything that can be installed by a bricklayer can be installed by a bricklayer, while the rest can only be installed by professional stone installers.

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