What are the landscaping techniques for natural stone in modern gardens?

The unique textures, shapes, contours, and colors on stone all have this unique aesthetic significance. Combining these factors with the points, lines, and surfaces in modern aesthetics can help to unleash the aesthetic characteristics of stone landscape design in garden landscapes. When implemented in landscape matching, stone can be combined with plants, water features, roads, etc. to create different garden landscapes within the spatial range, playing an important role in landscape construction.

Natural stone is mainly used in modern gardens through the following techniques for landscaping.

1. Decoration

In the courtyard, smaller original stones are often scattered in small groups, like stars scattered in the sky walking in the courtyard, giving people a leisurely feeling

2. Slicing

In some modern landscape designs, stone is cut into several pieces, so that the white patterns inside the stone can be displayed in a crisscrossing manner. When placed in a staggered manner, it gives the illusion of being by the seaside in a courtyard built of flowers, plants, stones, and wood.

3. Rockery

The surface of natural raw stones is sharp and rugged, with white patterns alternating between them. This appearance inevitably reminds people of the towering and steep peaks. The black stone is pieced together into a rockery and decorated with grass and wood, accompanied by the water scenery. The softness of flowing water and grass meets the coldness of black stone, and the beauty of nature arises naturally.

4. Mirror surface

Traditional stone selection mostly emphasizes “leakage, transparency, wrinkles, and thinness”. The original rough surface of the stone is retained, and it is cut in half with a sharp cut. After polishing and polishing, it presents a mirror-like texture.

5. Sink

Similar to stone water bowls, water flows slowly down the lines of the stone sink, indicating that the sink is more enjoyable to use. The delicate texture of the polished stone reflects the beauty of hardness while softness.

6. Irregular machining

Irregular processing refers to the custom cutting of stone materials. The natural raw stone has a rich and elegant color scheme, which can handle various shapes. The collision between the ancient simplicity of the stone itself and the modern sense of fashionable shapes after irregular processing is unforgettable.

7. Water bowl

Polish the surface of the stone and carve out smooth patterns one after another, allowing flowing water to fill the grooves on the surface of the black mountain stone. The entire scenery is dynamic and peaceful. Placing the stone water bowl in the garden will become the finishing touch.

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