What are the knowledge points of granite black gold sand?

If you want to ask which kind of imported granite is most popular with Chinese builders and designers, I believe many people will answer the question “Black Sands”.

The background color of Black Sands is a high-purity black, evenly dotted with some bright crystals, just like its name. It looks like a black curtain with golden stars, mysterious and emotional. Due to this unique appearance, Black Sands is also known as the “Galactic Star”, “Galactic Granite”, “Black Star River”, and so on. Its mines are mainly located in the Angor region of Pradesh, southern India, approximately 350 kilometers away from Chennai, the fourth largest city in India.

Black gold sand is also produced in Yuexi County, Anhui Province and Xixiang County, Shaanxi Province in China. The black gold sand produced in Angor, India often has larger gold dots, while domestically produced black gold sand mainly has small and medium gold dots, which is the main difference between the black gold sand products in the two regions.

Although it is often sold as granite in the market, from the perspective of geology and petrology, Heijinsha actually belongs to gabbro, which is mainly composed of clinopyroxene and basic plagioclase with basically equal content. Quartz and potassium feldspar only account for a small number, and the “Jinsha” in which is actually an ancient copper pyroxene with special metallic luster.

Generally speaking, the bulk density of black gold sand is 2.63g/cm ³ To 2.75g/cm ³ Among them, the water absorption rate is between 0.15% and 0.46%, the compressive strength is between 100-300Mpa, a small amount of fine-grained black gold sand can reach over 300Mpa, and the bending strength is between 10-30Mpa.

These physical performance parameters are all higher than the national standards. It indicates that black gold sand has the characteristics of high hardness, high processing stability, strong pressure bearing capacity, good frost resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, and can meet the needs of outdoor scenes such as dry hanging of external walls of tall buildings, curbstones, large-scale square laying, and water spray tanks. It also has the characteristics of high glossiness, high temperature resistance, and easy cleaning, so it can also achieve very good results when used as indoor countertop stones, door stones, and floor tiles.

From a trade perspective, Black Sands is one of the most popular stone varieties in the world, with China being particularly fond of this variety. More than 90% of the black gold sand produced in India is sold to China every year, with only a few large pieces of waste sold to Italy, the United States, Australia, and other places. However, due to the limited high-quality resources and low production of local black gold sand in India, the relatively perfect black gold sand waste stone prices are often higher, while most black or white striped black gold sand waste materials are usually considered defective by the local area, resulting in relatively low prices.

However, in recent years, due to trade relations and local policies, the number of Black Sands mines has also decreased. Entering this year, due to the COVID-19 epidemic and heavy rain seriously affecting the Indian economy, the price of India’s Black Sands has also continued to rise this year. As a result, the demand for domestically produced black gold sands has increased to a certain extent.

With the acceleration of China’s urbanization process and the improvement of people’s living standards, it can be foreseen that in the coming decades, the prospects of Black Sands in the domestic market will still be enormous, and market demand will continue to be strong. Especially with the decline or rectification of many black stone series, it is believed that more and more high-end construction developers and designers will turn their attention to Black Sands.

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