What are the commonly used stone benches in garden squares?

Gardens not only have beauty but also should be endowed with practical experience to achieve successful design. In landscape design, benches can provide public facilities for people to rest and chat. The location of benches should be considered in conjunction with the actual surrounding space, to create various fun and functional elements in the garden environment.

Sitting benches in gardens are important landscapes that play important landscape elements and roles in design. This requires us to understand their role to better apply them to design.

1. Classification by shape:

Square: Simple and regular shape

Circular: generally used as a combination of planting pool and sitting stool functions

Curved: with a beautiful sense of lines

Irregular stool: Its shape is particularly attractive to visitors

Cultural Corridor

2、 The functionality of stone benches

1. Rest function:

Provide brief rest space for walking tourists

2. Viewing function:

Different shapes and materials arranged in the park can become a landscape node

3. Protective effect:

Space can be enclosed and trees can be protected, usually combined with planting pools and benches

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