What are the characteristics of the Arabescato Corchia marble?

Arabescato Corchia is a white marble from Italy that enjoys high popularity worldwide. Arabescato Corchia restores the color of the stone, pure white, and elegant gray, showcasing a fashionable and elegant texture between gray and white. The deep fusion of gray and white presents elegance and luxury, giving people a unique artistic temperament and infectious power.

Arabescato Corchia, with a pure and elegant base color, and a light gray texture that is dreamy and elegant, like the eastern sky in the morning light. It is pure, mysterious, and elegant, and is the darling of artists and architects.

The natural Arabescato Corchia is arbitrary, and the Arabescato Corchia is arranged into a variety of high aesthetic texture combinations, customized into a unique natural marble decoration.

So what are the texture characteristics of Arabescato Corchia marble?

1. Root-shaped horizontal lines: The base color is smooth and white, with divergent and extended lines

2. Flowing fine lines: smooth, transparent, and well arranged

3. Fine grain floral: Pure white background with fresh texture

4. Large mesh pattern: Classic stone pattern, king of stones

5. Thick root vertical pattern: The pattern is winding, simple and natural

6. Mesh twill: Heavy overlapping and versatile styles

7. Twill coarse root: majestic and leisurely, comfortable

Which of the following 7 texture features of Arabescato Corchia do you prefer?

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