What are the characteristics of stone products in home decoration?

More widely stone products are used in home decoration, and because of this, more people begin to enter the home decoration industry, but because they do not understand the characteristics of the stone in home decoration, many people go astray. In this article, I will explain this knowledge to you based on this reality. It is mainly explained by the following characteristics:

1. “All round”

The so-called “all-round” refers to that the stone processing enterprises should be able to complete the design, production, processing, installation, and after-sales service of home decoration orders. It is impossible to complete home decoration orders without one item.

For the current stone processing enterprises, design and installation are the most lacking, because, for a long time, stone processing enterprises have adapted to the design scheme and installation mode of decoration companies. However, if the stone processing enterprise does not have the ability to design and install, it is impossible or difficult to accept orders for home decoration. If the stone processing enterprise still relies on the design by the decoration company and installation by others before, and the stone processing enterprise lacks autonomy and control, your processing profit will be greatly reduced, and even your financial power may be in the hands of others, and you lose the right to speak.

The “Omni bearing” of the family decoration project has another meaning, the “Omni bearing” of stone products. First, the varieties should be “complete”, including not only natural marble, granite, granite, and inorganic stone, but also rock slab, or other building decoration materials; The products include not only specification boards, profiled boards, lines, mosaic products, small craft decorations, etc. This requires that stone processing enterprises have the ability to process various products.

2. “Treat with sincerity”

The family decoration project faces countless people who do not know stone at all. They will have many questions to consult you when they want to make stone products. For example, “Does the stone have radiation” has always been in people’s minds. Will stone make people get cancer? When encountering such questions, you must explain to your future customers carefully and patiently, and show relevant evidence if necessary; When your customer asks for his decorative effect, you must listen to his explanation patiently; When your design plan comes out, you must patiently explain to the customer the design features, advantages, what kind of experience it brings to him, and the pleasant effect.

In a word, if you want to take orders for home decoration, you must always treat each of your customers with “sincerity” or customers who are unlikely to make a deal with you. Only by establishing a good reputation of “heart” and a sincere principle of “heart”, your orders will come like the water of the Yangtze River.

3. Complex

There are not many ordered products for home decoration, which may be a doorsill stone, a tea table panel, a window sill stone of 1-3 pieces, several waters retaining stones in the bathroom, several mirror frame lines, etc. The total value of all these products may sometimes be less than 2 square meters, and the value is only a few hundred yuan. Can you take such small and miscellaneous orders? If you don’t answer, the customer will feel that you “hate the poor and love the rich”, which is bad for your reputation. I think that no matter how big or small a home decoration order is, we should treat customers with the same seriousness.

4. “Bargaining”

Many people like bargaining when they buy things. Many home decoration customers prefer “bargaining” when they buy stone products over when they buy things because they think that stone products have high profits and try to buy products that they think are “cheap” through bargaining.

5. “Strict quality inspection”

The “strict” acceptance of stone products by home decoration consumers makes you gape. For a long time, the influence of the extensive quality of the public decoration project products, once the family decoration products are made, many stone processing enterprises cannot do well. Either the edge is broken here, or there is a lack of edge. The grinding ring and trace are left by polishing.

6. “Fast reaction”

The so-called “quick response” is the requirement of home decoration customers on the production and processing speed and after-sales service of stone processing enterprises. When a household decoration customer wants to order stone products, he hopes to place an order today and deliver them tomorrow, or within 2-3 days.

The requirement of “quick response” also refers to the requirement of after-sales service. When customers have problems using stone products, I hope you can arrive right away and deal with them immediately. In fact, this is difficult to do. However, customers of home decoration don’t care about you. They say they will arrive soon!

7. “Perfect service”

Customers of home decoration are all kinds of people with different natures. If you encounter unreasonable and unreasonable customers, you must “swallow your pride” and bear the insults of “making trouble without reason”, “inexplicable” and even more rude violence. If you can’t “endure”, you may be subjected to his more brutal attitude.

When encountering such customers without cultivation, I can only think of Ah Q’s spirit of “endure the calm wind and waves for a while, and take a step back”. Please console yourself!

8. “Thin profit”

Due to the characteristics of the home decoration order, the profit of a home decoration order is extremely “thin”, which is not the imagined high profit. Therefore, stone processing enterprises need to continue to fight and experience in the home decoration market, improve their technical level, management ability, communication with customers, and the ability to fight wits and fight bravely, so that they can soar freely in the home decoration market!

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