What are the bonding processes for processing black marble?

Black marble, like the black night sky, is deeply loved by some designers. It can indeed create unique decorative effects, create spaces in the black world, and give people a black world-like sky! Create a dark and mysterious beauty.

Black marble is a good decorative material and can be paired with various stones. But if it is not done well during processing, it will not achieve a good decorative effect. Therefore, when processing black marble, it is necessary to ensure product quality. When processing black marble in the factory, we can start from the following aspects.

1. Glue filling and reinforcement

Due to the common characteristic of black marble – multiple cracks and easy fracture. Therefore, the patching and reinforcement of black marble are extremely important. The quality of the black marble patch determines its product quality. The patching of black marble requires careful control at every step, from the patching of large panels to the patching of irregular products, in order to make the patching of black marble.

① Drying of Black Marble before Gluing

Black Dali has many cracks, and when cutting large plates or billets from a saw, the cracks are filled with water. Before applying glue, the dirt inside the cracks must be cleaned and dried before applying glue.

② Black marble glue mixing

The gluing of black marble cannot be done with the black color of the stone itself, as there is a color difference in the background color of black marble, making it difficult to coordinate with the surrounding colors when gluing with the background color. In addition, the color of the black adhesive after polishing may be slightly white, without brightness, and the effect of patching is not good. Therefore, the blending effect of black Dali is better with the pattern and color of black Dali, especially with the Italian black gold flower, Afghan black gold flower, and Lauren black gold mixed with gold, golden yellow, and yellow textures. Even if there are differences in glue mixing, it is difficult for nonstone professionals to see the differences in texture colors because the colors of these textures themselves vary greatly.

The glue for adjusting the white pattern of a silver dragon, black and white root, and black and white flower is more troublesome because the white glue has a long time or there is water in the crack that can easily turn yellow. Mixing black glue may have a better effect than mixing white glue. When the effect of adjusting black glue is not good, you can also try adjusting white textured glue. If the white textured adhesive is left unchanged for a long time, the selected adhesive has good quality and can withstand yellowing. When patching, make sure that the crack to be patched is clean, clean, and dry, otherwise, the white glue is prone to yellowing.

③ Precautions for repairing black marble glue

When the crack is greater than 2mm or when the surface of the crack is large, it should be repaired with crushed stones on the same block of material. When the product is polished and polished, if the adhesive seam is too wide and the color quality of the added adhesive is not good, it is necessary to remove the defective adhesive and adjust the adhesive again until the color of the added adhesive is basically the same as the surface color of the stone. It is better to observe it not clearly at a distance of 1 meter.

④ Reinforcement of black marble

The black marble has many cracks and severe fractures. After repairing the cracks with glue, in addition to using fiber mesh to reinforce the broken or potentially broken areas, steel bars or plastic rods should also be used to reinforce them. Reinforcement of steel bars must undergo rust and oil removal treatment. Otherwise, rust and rust on the steel bars may seep back to the stone surface through cracks, affecting the surface effect of the stone.

2. Material planning process

The black marble has a significant color difference from the same material, and different raw materials have a greater difference. Therefore, when black marble is used for decoration in construction projects, it is necessary to plan the materials and determine how to use them based on the spatial location of the building to ensure the decorative effect of the building.

3. Plate cutting and numbering process

Black Dali often has color differences, and some stone textures are similar to straight lines, such as Italian black gold flowers and silver-white dragons; Some stones have random patterns, such as Afghan black gold flowers and black and white flowers. Therefore, after cutting black marble boards, they should be arranged and numbered according to the layout diagram on the production processing sheet to ensure a better decoration effect. French black and white flowers, similar to the texture of mountains and rivers, are best cut according to the tracing pattern to connect the textures well and create the decorative effect of landscape painting.

4. Product protection process

The black marble has a low hardness, and in addition, if the color is black, special care should be taken during production, processing, and handling to strengthen the protection of the product and prevent the surface from being scratched by impurities and hard objects, which may affect the surface quality. Therefore, when processing black marble, it is necessary to do a good job in product protection.

① It is best to separate the polished board with plastic film to protect the smooth surface from being damaged or contaminated by the adhesive or dirt on the back.

② When the specification board cut by the bridge cutting machine is removed from the machine, it should be washed clean with water to prevent the stone powder and debris that fall on the surface of the stone during cutting from scratching the smooth surface of the stone.

③ The circulating water is dirty and contains some pollutants. When processing black marble in each process, the stone should be cleaned with clean water to prevent the impact of the circulating water on the surface of the stone.

④ The processed black marble products are protected with spacers between them to prevent surface chipping and scratches caused by transportation impacts.

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