What are some luxurious marble styles in China?

Marble is a very excellent decorative material, with natural textures and colors. This texture and color have been generated through billions of years of geological formation, making it the most natural state and giving people a sense of relaxation and pleasure. In interior decoration, the effect is unique and very high-end. Marble has many advantages, such as easy cleaning, hardness, and wear resistance. Therefore, marble is very popular in home decoration.

Many popular marbles on the market now come from abroad. Imported marble usually comes from Italy, Iran, Türkiye, Greece, and other countries, that are famous for their high-quality marble. In terms of usage quality, there is currently not much difference between domestic and imported stones, but the price is much cheaper. The main reason is that imported stones are more varied in color and texture, and have stronger decorative properties. But we also have many beautiful high-end marble in China, which attracts consumers from around the world with its unique texture and texture. Today, I will introduce 6 luxurious marble products from China to you.

#1. Cold Jade

Cold jade is one of the most expensive marbles in China. Produced in Yunnan, it has a light green color, hard stone texture, mixed but not disordered texture, and is extremely beautiful. It is one of the most popular green marbles. Due to its mining reasons, the price is very expensive. The maximum selling price of the original board can reach 8000 per square meter, and the splicing board can reach 2000 per square meter.

#2. Panda White

Panda white is a white marble produced in Sichuan, with fine texture, pure white color, hard texture, and a black and white interlaced texture similar to pandas. Due to the scarce production of high-quality large boards, the price is also very expensive, with a price of up to 2000 per square meter.

#3. Oriental White

Dongfang White is a white marble produced in Sichuan, and its pure white color and clear texture are highly favored by consumers. Known as the “Chinese marble business card”, it has a hard texture and is easy to process, widely used in high-end construction and decoration fields. High-quality large boards are also quite expensive, with a price of up to 3000 per square meter.

#4. Oriental Fish Maw White

Oriental Fish Maw White is a white marble produced in Sichuan. Although its name may seem a bit fake, its quality is quite advanced, and its texture is unique, making it a pearl among white marble. Due to its limited production of high-quality boards, the price range of this variety is quite large, with the highest selling price reaching 2000 per square meter.

#5. Shan Shui

Shan shui is a kind of high-grade decorative marble, which is produced in Sichuan. Its special texture looks like mountains and water, giving people a fresh and natural feeling. Just like the splashed ink landscape depicted by the literati, it has a good artistic conception. Its hard texture and beautiful color are widely used in high-end architecture and decoration fields. The selling price of high-value panels can reach tens of thousands of yuan per piece.

#6. Dandong Green

Dandong green is produced in Liaoning. Its bright green color and delicate texture have made it one of the most popular green varieties in recent years. Due to its limited mining time, its production is scarce and its price is high. High-quality panels can be sold for up to 1000 square meters.

These six types of marble are all high-end stones with unique characteristics in China, and their unique texture and texture are breathtaking. If you want to use the highest quality marble in the decoration

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