How To Use Light In Stone Design?

The sun is warm, fresh, and natural, the lights are romantic and warm, and the light is like an ark in the lonely sea. People who have known and studied design, photography, and other arts know that light and shadow are an integral part of art and life. In architectural design, light is an essential role in space, and the use of light is extremely important.

There are many design methods of light and shadow in space. Using light to change the space atmosphere, create different space effects, and adjust the light, shadow, and light and shade are commonly used by excellent designers. Light and shadow play an irreplaceable role everywhere in the environment, outlining the outline of the object and giving space depth. If there is no appropriate use of light, the three-dimensional feeling of space will be fully displayed, which can make the design rich in more aesthetic feeling and characteristics.

Marble and light

In architectural design, lighting, as an artistic means, enriches the levels and pictures of works, and brings people a happy mood. Today, as the main force of the construction market, marble has an inseparable relationship with light and shadow.

In interior design, polished marble is the most common kind of stone surface. It is a plate with specular luster. It has a high texture and a strong reflection of light. Under the refraction of light, the beauty of marble is exposed. When matched with light, it can perfectly show the rich and gorgeous natural texture of the stone itself.

Different lights, different angles, combined with marble, have different effects. A clean and concise space can also be a cool personalized space. The light source changes the hardness and coarse ore of marble itself, shows the unique beauty of stone, and brings an extraordinary visual experience.

Stone and lamp strip

Now, many designs will use a “light belt” in the space. Under the illumination of the light, the space environment is rich, and the unique temperament of the stone itself makes the space more atmosphere and more type.

Translucent stone

The decorative effect of stone transparency is applied to the decoration of stone engineering. The previous decorative techniques are expressed in the combination of stone and light, which is generally to hit the light from the outside to the surface of the stone.

The use of transparent stone is to penetrate the artistic light from the interior of the stone, which is installed on the back (inner) surface with light, or the building parts that can use strong natural light can penetrate from the interior of the stone through the artistic light (or natural light), or elegant, hazy, bright and fresh, so as to more fully express the natural texture, color, and texture of the natural stone, It maximizes the visual effect of stone and produces a more shocking decorative effect.

The atmosphere light source in the living room is a way of using light to express the feeling of space. The light strips on both sides of the background wall can not only illuminate the shelf next to it but also show the TV and the background wall in the middle to highlight the key points in the space.

The corner of the curtain is wrapped with marble columns to make the space too soft. Coupled with the decoration of the lamp belt, the space is virtually divided into areas. It doesn’t take a lot of trouble to use other materials and make use of the light and shadow effect. It’s really the practice of smart people.

The combination of light and natural marble can be used most on stairs. A stair light belt can provide lighting so that we can walk freely at night and avoid wrestling. And the light and shadow effect makes the design more dazzling and colorful, and its decorative role has evolved to be as important as its actual function.

Stone and light are really matched. The luminosity of stone is matched with gorgeous light to show the effect very well. Well, this article will be written here first. I look forward to your email about the shortcomings of

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