How To Treat The Crystal Surface Of Stone?

With the progress of society, stone has been more and more widely used in stone decorative buildings. At the same time, stone care is also an essential item. Waxing is the first generation of stone care technology, which is also widely used today. But what we don’t know is that the stone surface has low hardness and is easy to change color. It needs to be polished and waxed every day, which costs a lot of money, and it also seriously hurts the stone surface, and the high solvent alkaline waxing water penetrates the stone to form cracks.

The crystal surface treatment of stone is to use the physical (physical) and chemical (scientific) principle, adopt professional stone maintenance machinery to cooperate with crystalline materials, and first heat the stone physically, to make the stone react with crystalline materials, to form a crystal clear protective film on the stone surface. In this article, we will discuss the problems related to stone crystal surface treatment.

What are the benefits of crystal surface treatment for stone?

The structural components of high-grade natural decorative materials are relatively complex. It needs regular necessary crystallization maintenance to ensure the due decorative effect, avoid stone cracking, surface falling off, light loss, pollution, and other diseases, and prolong the service life of the stone. Otherwise, the decorative effect of stone will be greatly reduced, and a series of diseases will appear in stone. The crystal surface treatment of stone is equivalent to the beauty repair of stone. After the crystal surface hard treatment, a hard crystal layer is formed on the surface of the stone. The stone crystal layer can not only improve the brightness of the stone but also effectively protect the stone surface from pollution and wear.

National quality standard for stone crystal surface treatment

① The stone surface shall be clean and tidy; The protection is intact without damage.

② The overall feel of the stone surface is fine, oily, bright, and transparent.

③ The average brightness measured by the integral stone surface photometer is more than 80 degrees for marble, more than 75 degrees for granite, quartz, and microcrystalline stone.

④ . the whole stone surface presents the anti-sliding effect of the suction cup.

⑤ The whole stone surface presents a lotus leaf effect and has a waterproof effect.

How much is the maintenance cycle of the stone crystal surface?

① Villas are generally suitable once a quarter because of the small flow of people

② Entrances and exits of, hotels, commercial buildings, and other channels shall be conducted twice a week.

③ Once a week in public areas such as hotels, commercial building lobby, and elevator hall.

How do choose stone crystal materials?

Whether the crystallization effect is good or bad mainly depends on how the selected materials are proportioned. Different crystal surface materials must be selected according to the requirements of the owner: the luminous rate cannot be pursued alone, and the air permeability of the crystallized stone and the brightness, clarity, and skid resistance of the stone surface crystallization must be comprehensively considered.

Key points of stone crystallization processing:

① Light-colored marble (elegant white, jazz white, fish-belly white, big white, Slavic white, etc.) cannot be made into a crystal surface with an acid agent. The light-colored stone has high iron content, which is easy to cause the stone surface to turn yellow after reacting with an acidic agent

② Crystalline materials with relatively high resin composition are not available for loose stones. Otherwise, resin wax will close the pores on the stone surface, which is not conducive to the ventilation of the stone, and it is easy to lead to alkali and yellowing of the stone.

③ The materials such as tropical rainforest, dream Hainan and French Jinhua are unevenly distributed. The stone must be double crystallized. Otherwise, due to the inconsistent brightness of the stone surface, the stone surface will feel flat and visually uneven after crystallization

④ When there are holes on the surface or the stone surface with soft material is crystallized, the holes must be coated with a brush first, and then crystallized twice, otherwise astigmatism and other problems will occur.

⑤ Granite and microcrystalline stone cannot be polished with steel wool, otherwise, the powder of steel wool will be sucked into the pores on the stone surface, resulting in yellowing in the later stage.

⑥ The dark granite must be polished before crystallization treatment, otherwise, when the crystal surface is completed, the stone surface will be dry and nonoily, and the whole stone surface will be white.

8 factors affecting the gloss of stone crystal surface treatment:

1. Different kinds of stones have different crystallization effects.

2. If the brightness of the stone surface is different, the effect of crystallization is different.

3. Stone surface calcification (marble calcification, granite silicification, polished brick vitrification) reaches a certain limit, and the crystal brightness of stone surface decreases in different degrees.

4. The number of pulverization and scratches on the stone surface varies with the decrease of crystal brightness on the stone surface.

5. The decrease of crystal brightness on the stone surface varies with the number of people on the stone surface.

6. Whether the outdoor environment is clean and tidy is directly related to the crystallization effect of the stone surface.

7. Aging resistance of crystalline layer after crystallization.

8. Different brands and varieties of crystal surface agents (powder) have different crystallization effects.

As the stone crystal surface treatment is a means of daily maintenance, the problem of low gloss after stone crystal surface treatment can be found and judged according to the above experience, to achieve the best effect in future maintenance. Well, this article is written here. If you are interested, please follow my company website

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