Introduction To The World’s Top Five Stone Exporting Countries And Varieties

There are various kinds of natural stones with rich colors. All kinds of stones are produced all over the world. Stones in different places have different feelings. In addition to China being a big stone country, Iran, Turkey, Italy, Brazil and India are also big stone exporters in the world. They produce a variety of stones with rich reserves. In this article, let’s learn about the stone conditions and some common stone varieties in these five countries.

Introduction to Iranian stone

Iran has 32 provinces, each rich in granite and marble. According to the geographical location of Iran, there are cave stones and marble in the north, rich granite varieties in the south, more marble cave stones, and fewer granite resources in the middle. Its border areas are mainly granite resources. It is mainly divided into the following categories: rice white cave stone, yellow cave stone, white cave stone, red cave stone, White House beige, red line beige, and Shaanna beige.

Among them, Shaanna beige is one of the top beige marble. It has good wear resistance and is not easy to aging. Its service life is generally about 50-80 years. It is widely used in interior walls and ground decoration.

Other materials include snow white, orange jade, Oman rose, and so on.

Introduction to Brazilian stone

The production of natural stone mining and processing industry in Brazil accounts for 8% of the country’s GDP. There are about 10000 stone enterprises, of which 400 are export enterprises. Among these 10000 stone enterprises, 120000 are directly employed and 360000 are indirectly employed.

According to a survey on the Brazilian stone industry, Brazil is the third-largest exporter of slate in the world after Spain and China, and the second-largest exporter of granite after India. The top five export markets of natural stones in Brazil are the United States (mainly granite slabs), China, Italy, Canada, and Mexico. There are many kinds of natural stones in Brazil, which are quite competitive in the world market. Among them, the famous one is luxury stone. Cloisonne, Gran Yuntian, Amazon Green, Snow mountain flying fox, On the waterside.

Introduction to the Italian stone

Italy is known as the “stone kingdom”, and its output, import, and export volume have long ranked first in the world. From the narrow stone corridor, large stones, shutters and iron flower railings, deep eaves at the top, vivid stone sculptures, and majestic stone columns, people really feel the existence of this unique city.

Italy, rich in marble resources, is also famous for its stone technology, and its design is second to none in the world. In the use of stone, Italy has always attached importance to the use of stone in housing. Marble and other stone materials account for 56% of the total used in houses, and 70% of families tend to use stone materials because they are elegant and natural. Fine white, largely white, medium white, Karakal white (Karakal white mining area in Italy). Italian Fish Maw white. Italian black Golden Flower. Italian Roman cave stone. Blue Sands

Introduction to Turkish stone

At present, Turkey has more than 2000 mines and more than 600 kinds of marble have been proved, accounting for 40% of the world. It is the country with the largest variety of marble in the world. Its main export products are marble, limestone, and agate. There are 1500 factories engaged in stone processing in China, more than 7500 stone trading companies, and nearly 250000 people engaged in the stone industry.

Turkey is one of the oldest marble-producing countries in the world, with a production history of more than 4000 years. The earliest origin is Marmara island in the Marmara Sea, which is rich in white marble. 90% of Turkey’s marble mines are located in the west of Turkey, especially Marmara Island, the Aegean Sea area, and the Nafion province. There are more than 250 varieties of marble mined in Turkey, of which more than 100 are exported abroad.

Turkish marble has many advantages such as good texture, many varieties, bright colors, and beautiful patterns. Due to the introduction of modern processing machinery (mainly imported from Italy) and advanced processing technology, the production quality of marble has been continuously improved in recent years. It is not only widely used in domestic buildings, but also exported to other countries.

Fundora grey, Louis XIII, cave stone, purple Luo red, Golden Century beige, white magnolia, Altman, dark brown net, Emperor gold, Oman beige, etc. The main mining areas include elaze, diyarbakr, bursa, adiaman, amazia, bursa, bilejik, Antalya, Burdur and Isparta.

Introduction to Indian stone

India is also one of the largest producers of stone raw materials in the world. India has a wide variety of granite and is famous all over the world. More than 20 kinds of Indian granite have appeared in the stone market, and more and more different kinds of granite are entering the market one after another. The best-selling Indian granite in China is black sands and Indian red.

India has rich natural stone use culture, which can be traced back to centuries ago, such as the Taj Mahal in Agra in northern India, one of the seven major historic sites in the world. Although it has been washed for hundreds of years, it can still prove the beauty of Indian marble. Many visitors to India can’t help admiring the local stones used in palaces, forts, monuments, and national construction stones and their intricate and exquisite technology. In addition, when you visit the stone decorations and souvenirs sold by the local market stalls and craft workshops, you can see the very skilled inlay and manual skills of local craftsmen. Among them, the more famous are Indian red, black sands, British brown, Indian blue, apple grey, iron grey, and other products.

The above is the summary of the world’s top five stone exporting countries. This article will be written here first. You are welcome to send me an email at To share more interesting stories about stone.

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