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Mention terrazzo is a household name, the memory is probably still in the ’80s, although wear-resistant, but there is a kind of ineffable cheap sense, with the progress of The Times is gradually replaced by new materials. But in recent years, terrazzo has gradually begun to return to public view, once disliked terrazzo has begun to make a comeback. Is it still the terrazzo in our eyes? Our common examples: artificial stone, inorganic terrazzo, epoxy terrazzo, and so on, so this article we mainly from the material properties, process nodes, common quality, and design control aspects to build up the artificial stone system knowledge

● Anyway, what’s a terrazzo?

Terrazzo (also known as grinding stone) is the aggregate of gravel, glass, quartz stone mixed into cement binder made of coagulant products after surface grinding, polishing products. Terrazzo made of cement bonding material is called an inorganic stone, terrazzo made of epoxy bonding material is also called epoxy stone or organic stone, terrazzo according to the construction process is divided into field pouring terrazzo and prefabricated plate terrazzo.

Anyway, what are the characteristics of a terrazzo?

Terrazzo material characteristics in all aspects of the performance are very outstanding, such as non-toxic, non-radioactive, flame retardant, non-stick oil, no pollution, anti-bacteria, and mildew, wear resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance, seamless stitching, modeling, and so on. Its characteristics are shown in the following five points:

(1) Rich in colors and patterns. The pure color system, such as white, yellow, black, red, etc. Some colors accentuate the texture, such as maroon, where different colors and particles are added on top of a clean palette.

(2) The terrazzo material has been screened to be free of radioactive substances and radioactive pollution. Very safe to use.

(3) The hardness and toughness of terrazzo are moderate and the impact resistance is better than that of natural stone.

(4) Convenient processing and production

(5) Compact structure, clean and hygienic.

Anyway, what’s the classification of terrazzo?

According to the construction process, terrazzo is divided into on-site pouring terrazzo and prefabricated plate terrazzo.

(1) fresh watering stone

Pure terrazzo must be on-site watering, commonly known as freshwater terrazzo, simply put, it is a cement product formed by mixing natural gravel, glass, even some precious stones, jade seeds, and other aggregate and pigment into cement, and grinding and polishing after condensation. Need site construction can be arbitrary patchwork, the use of pigment can be dyed into a variety of colors, the use of glass or copper strip partition, decorative effect is good.

(2) Prefabricated terrazzo

The prefabricated terrazzo is produced by the production machine in the factory production line. The prefabricated terrazzo plate is directly paved when needed. The gloss is higher than the field construction terrazzo, but the decoration is not as good as the field construction terrazzo. Precast terrazzo site pavement needs to use cement pointing, a long time will become black seam, easy to hide dirt and dirt, may often smell the terrazzo odor.

(3) Terrazzo can also be divided into industrial terrazzo, civil terrazzo, commercial terrazzo, and so on according to the use effect.

(1) industrial terrazzo

Industrial terrazzo floors, or primary terrazzo floors, are usually used in factory workshops, warehouses, or parking lots. They are made of granite grains and ordinary Portland cement. They have an unattractive surface but are cheap and durable.

(2) Civil terrazzo

Civil terrazzo is used in villas, hospitals, squares, subway stations, and other ground, it is more ornamental and grade than industrial terrazzo, the common use of green, red marble stones, high-grade white cement, or colored cement, the cost of the same grade as an ordinary polished brick.

(3) Commercial terrazzo

The commercial terrazzo floor is used in shopping malls, shopping centers, office buildings, and other commercial fields on the ground, which requires beautiful high-grade, dust-free wear-resistant, easy to clean, and marble the same effect, but the cost is not more than one-third of the marble.

● Anyway, how is terrazzo maintained?

No matter what the material is, the first need for decoration is to take care of it! Some people may worry about terrazzo although good-looking, but afraid to take care of up too much trouble, small makeup once experimented, sprinkle soy sauce on terrazzo, after 6 hours a wipe off, the daily dust, stains in the home is still better to take care of.

In addition, the mineral composition of terrazzo ground is more complex, especially the iron composition of some light-colored terrazzo ground, which often produces rust in wet conditions. You can buy a professional terrazzo cleaning agent to brush and clean the ground. If you don’t have it at home, you can use ordinary washing powder water or washing liquid to clean it. For difficult cleaning, you can use a common toilet cleaning agent and toilet cleaning liquid to clean the toilet, but there may be some wear and tear.

This terrazzo is too fashionable for you to recognize! To get to the point, terrazzo, as a kind of artificial stone, is not only applied in architecture but also used more and more widely in the field of interior design. That’s the end of this article. For more information about terrazzo, please visit my email at

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