Summary Of Marble Siding

With the whole stone home decoration into a trend of high-grade decoration industry, stone wallboard has become an indispensable part of the whole stone home decoration. It can be said that the whole stone home decoration with its unique culture, market and other advantages, like a hurricane swept the whole home decoration market. Among them, even the marble wall panels these decoration details, also widely sought after by users, especially high-end villa users.

Your home needs a whole stone washboard to be engraved undoubtedly and foil uncommon home grade, marble washboard pays attention to functional sex and artistic quality photograph union, make full use of precious stone material natural care, the design of extremely rich artistic quality and consummate craft, master temperament and grade undertake infinite sublimation. So in this article, we’ll talk about marble siding.

● Anyway, the marble siding is classified by style

Simple stone wall paneling

Smooth lines, stone texture, this kind of stone wall panels win with simplicity, outline the sense of hierarchy with lines, let the European style highlight, full sense of nobility.

Metal inlaid wall panels

The whole is more fashionable, and modern home style is very fit, with the way of metal inlay, balanced the stereotyped impression brought by Europe.

Chinese wall panels

Take the classical lattice modeling, and the wall panel perfect fusion, outline the new Chinese style of the ancient road flavor, cultural breath is a full, stable luxury, elegant and durable.

Anyway, marble has a few benefits as a clapboard:

1. Wear resistance and impact resistance

Clapboard has high compressive strength and flexural strength is the upgrade of emulsions paint products. Wear-resistant, far more resistant than the common paint and wallpaper, if there are children in the home is more appropriate. The area such as the background of TV in the home, sofa, dining-room, and background of head of a bed can protect metope very well, more can hang or paste adornment picture and sweet photograph.

2. Reduce noise and improve sleep quality

The sound insulation of the wallboard tested by the national authority department is up to 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation of most solid walls. For example, the sound of the water pipe of the bedroom toilet can absorb sound very well. The wall panel produces a perfect diffuse reflection of sound, effectively buffering the impact of heavy bass, and the good absorption of the material itself to the poor sound sharp wave, thus forming a perfect three-level noise reduction function in the space, greatly improving the sleep quality of one-third of life.

Anyway, the installation of marble siding

Measure the length and width of the wall, calculate the integer blocks of the wall panel according to the size of the wall panel, and complete the extra space with the wall panel, which should be allocated at the end

Fix the skirting hook to the wall with expansion screws or steel nails. The distance between the hook hole and the ground is 78mm, and a hook is fixed every 600mm, and then the end of the skirting line which has been processed into an Angle of 45° is hung on the hook. In areas with high humidity, two skirting lines must be combined with appropriate expansion joints, especially in the corner where furniture is placed, expansion joints should be considered more.

Insert the clapboard into the baseboard from left to right with the starting block grooved from corner to corner. Install expansion screws or steel screws 1.5cm away from the upper mouth of the wall panel (in the middle of the board width), and ensure that the screws do not expose the wall panel. When the power switch is encountered in the construction, a chisel can be used to cut a hole slightly smaller than the switch, and the positive Angle can be used when the column is encountered. In the waistline groove coated with special glue, a few minutes later inserted into the concave and convex surface, in the corner must be 45° diagonal.

Sawing off the convex groove of the first clapboard, planing with a plane, and then starting from the corner, install a 4.9cm(1.5in) steel nail every 60cm in the protruding part of the groove, and do not need to apply glue at the joint of the groove wedge. Each piece must be hammered tight and calibrated with a ruler, and the last piece must be coated with special glue on the back of the clapboard. The top corner line can be coated with special glue on both sides, stick to the top corner, and then pull open for a few minutes, and then stick tightly on.

Marble clapboard is a bad conductor, the room using clapboard will be warm in winter and cool in summer, so in Europe has hundreds of years of history in the ancient castle and palace, clapboard can be seen everywhere, is a high-grade decoration must choose. However, regardless of its noble symbol, or luxury temperament, still can attract the eyes of most successful people. That’s it for this post. Please email me at to share more stories.

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