How Does The Stone Wrap The column?

As long as you have contact with the frame structure of the building, so will inevitably encounter the frame of a “through the pillar”, then, in the face of these pillars, you are how to deal with it? Many small partners do not know how to deal with, to achieve both beautiful and practical effects. Today we take you to talk about those things.

01. How to do the stone column packing process?

You will not be unfamiliar with the marble pillar, the marble pillar effect gives a thick feeling, the good effect looks like a whole stone column, so let’s see how the stone pillar is made?

● Tailor cylinder foundation with marble cylinder technology

1. Basic level cleaning and repair

Remove the floating and sinking on the cylindrical structure surface, fill ash, plug holes, and other parts to ensure that the base is clean.

2. Measurement and control of hanging noodles

According to the requirements of the design drawings and according to the specifications of the processed stone, the vertical line and the elevation line are released on the cylinder surface. The vertical control line of the stone is popped out, and the horizontal control line of the plate is released with the elevation line as the baseline to determine the drilling position of the pendant.

3. Cylinder drilling

YG M10 expansion bolts are used to drill holes with a diameter of 10.5mm and a depth of 60mm.

4, cylindrical steel frame installation

The channel steel is connected and fixed on the reinforced concrete cylindrical structure with Angle code, and the channel steel no. 8 of the full-length vertical keel is directly welded on the steel plate fixed with expansion bolts, and both sides are overgrown with welding. The secondary keel is installed on the vertical keel, and the secondary keel adopts 40*40*4 Angle steel.

5, stainless steel pendant installation

Determine the point after measurement, take the stone in place for testing, and then tighten and fix the “T” shaped part.

6, arc stone installation

The numbered stone board is temporarily placed on the number seat, and the adjustment hole of the “T” type part is used to adjust it. Adjust the verticality and radian of the arc plate, and then remove the SLATE for local treatment. After the adjustment meets the requirements, the pendant is connected and tightened.

7. Glue injection and caulking

When the arc-shaped stone is installed accurately, the gaps in the pendant and groove and the joints of the stone are coated with marble glue. The material of the stone gap chooses marble glue and supporting curing agent, and the ratio of marble glue and curing agent is 20:1, which is used for filling the hanging tongue of hanging parts and bonding the stone joint.

● Anyway Installation precautions

1, stone installation should be processed in strict accordance with the number of typesetting drawings, to prevent obvious color difference, typesetting difference;

2, stone installation should pay attention to the direction of stone texture installation;

3, in the marble installation, is completed, must be protected with marble protective film, if there is abrasion, need to re-polish.

In addition, we should also pay attention to whether the seam is high or low deviation, which can also be used to knock on the marble, see whether there is a hollow phenomenon.

02. What is the process step of a stone square column wrapped with a cylinder?

1. Vertical and horizontal control lines will pop up according to the drawing.

2. Fix the corner code on the column with the expansion bolt to prepare for fixing the channel steel behind.

3, it is necessary to pay attention to the fixed channel steel to ensure that it is in the center of each face of the column.

4. After fixing the channel steel, the next step is to use the Angle steel as a connector to connect the external channel steel.

Once it’s in place, make sure it meets the requirements.

5. The next step is to install a customized arc Angle iron so that all the bones of the stone column are built.

The next step is to start hanging stone, install a dry pendant.

Dry pendants and stone materials are carried out at the same time, stone dry hanging is completed, seams are processed, and finally finished product protection is completed.

03. What do we need to pay attention to when making stone packing columns?

1. After the stone enters the site, special personnel is required to receive it to ensure the quality of the stone. When entering the site for acceptance, it is necessary to inspect each stone and carefully check whether the specification and model of the material are correct and consistent with the material list. There shall be no obvious defects such as crushing, missing, falling corners, dark marks, cracks, local pollution, surface pits, pitting, and so on. Pre-assembling shall be carried out according to the number after acceptance, and stacking shall be placed on the solid and flat ground according to the number after passing acceptance.

2. Before stone installation, it is necessary to ensure the welding quality of each node of the steel frame and the fastening strength of each component to meet the requirements of the code. Anticorrosive paint should be applied at the welding place. When drilling and installing the keel on the original concrete column, the position of the internal steel bar should be avoided to avoid the destruction of the column structure.

3, the connector must be checked through the bearing capacity, stress rivets, or bolts, each place is not less than 2.

The anchorage strength of the connector and the main structure must be greater than the design value of the bearing capacity of the connector itself, and the bearing capacity of the main structural member directly connected to the connector must be greater than the bearing capacity of the connector.

4, when making caulking glue, the force should be uniform, and the gun should be steady and slow.

If the surface of the caulking glue is not too smooth, you can use a small stainless steel spoon scraper, small spoon should be used with clean, according to the color of the SLATE can be added to the glue the right amount of mineral pigment.

5, stone installation should be immediately fixed with wire after the completion of a layer, the installation of the upper layer as far as possible to avoid the impact of the next layer, to ensure that the longitudinal and transverse seam straight, the same size.

04. How to protect the finished stone column after completion?

1. The stones shall be piled on solid and flat ground after the completion of the entrance acceptance, and each stone shall be packed with foam and wooden boxes, to avoid pollution or damage during the stacking process.

2. When the stone is slotted, the stone should be operated on the support with flexible protection material to avoid causing scratches on the outer surface of the stone.

3. When removing the scaffolding, protect the stone after installation to avoid the collision.

About the content of the stone packing column, I will write here for the time being. If you have any questions or actual cases in this regard, you can send me an email to share

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