Overview Of Stone Wave Line And Skirting The Line

In the hall, corridor, and other ground space, we often see a circle of long and thin wavy lines. It is this waving line that makes the overall effect very hierarchical. There are many kinds of materials for cording. In this article, we are going to talk about marble cording.

The Stone wave line of the stone plays an important role in decoration, which can make the stone shine and increase the decoration effect of buildings. Wave line, also known as wave line, also known as lace or sideline, etc., is mainly used in the ground around or corridor porch and other places. Generally, it is the decorative line made by the block building (floor) along the wall; It’s not the same width. To increase the design effect, lines with different colors from the whole floor are added to the floor.

Choose the size of the line to consider the use of space size. If the room is relatively large, then you can choose larger specifications of the wave line; Room space is small, use the wave of the smaller specification to hit a line. This is because the Stone wave line is to decorate the environment and emphasize the sense of space. If its specifications are not in harmony with the size of the room, it will appear abrupt and strange, and lose its beauty.

The wave hits the line mainly to use in the living room or the corridor porch and so on the ground periphery. Generally, it is the decorative line around the wall on the ground paved with stone; The width depends on the situation. The color is generally different from that of stone, mainly dark; Compared with the color difference of stone, adding lines different from the overall color of the floor to increase the design effect. In the process of interior decoration, the Stone wave line mainly plays the role of further decorating the floor, making the living room floor more varied, some lines with special artistic charm, full of aesthetic feeling.

Types of cordon

Single-layer wave line, simple without losing atmosphere; Double or multi-layer wave line, widely used, classic versatile; Flower shaped wave line; Irregular shape wave line.

The stone wave line is equivalent to the wall skirting line, but the wall is down into the ground. The stone wave line is mainly to make the living room ground richer in changes, looks like some lines with artistic charm. Difference between wave line and skirting the line.

1. Location

From the position point of view, the skirting line is installed on the wall, on the plane of the wall, at the junction of the wall and the ground, and the Stone wave line is also paved at the junction of the wall and the ground, but it is paved on the ground, on the plane of the ground.

2. Function

In terms of function, the skirting line mainly plays the role of interior visual balance and beautifies the interior decoration effect; Another function of the skirting line is its protection function, which can reduce the damage caused by the impact of external force on the wall, better combine the wall with the ground, and reduce the deformation of the wall. The main function of the Stone wave line is to further decorate the floor so that the living room floor is more varied, looks like a special artistic charm, full of beauty.

3. Material

From the material point of view, the skirting line is rich, mainly divided into ceramic skirting line, glass skirting line, stone skirting line, wood skirting line, PVC skirting line, aluminum alloy skirting line, PS polymer skirting line, and so on; The Stone wave line is mainly marble Stone wave line.

4. Specifications

In terms of specifications, the height of the skirting line is generally 6-12cm, and the common specifications are 800 * 110mm, 600 * 110mm, 1000 * 110mm, etc; However, the Stone wave line has no specific size requirements. Generally, the width of 100 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm is determined according to the size of the room. Generally, it is laid continuously around the floor of the room.

5. Sense of space

From the visual effect, where there is a cabinet in the room, you can’t see it, you don’t feel the skirting line, so the boundary feels as if it is broken; And the wave line can be the virtual division of space, enhance the sense of space, with the wave line, the space is complete.

6. Reduce the cost of decoration

Generally, the floor of the living room is 600mm or 800mm. No matter how it is paved, there are often seams on the edge. One piece is too large, cutting is troublesome, and the loss is also large. At this time, the Stone wave line just makes up for this defect. The Stone wave line is convenient to pave and also reduces the loss, and the skirting line does not have this function.

With the Stone wave line, we can divide each area, to have a clear sense of hierarchy and highlight the high decoration. Well, that’s all for this article. I hope you can send us an email to share better sales@sntstone.com.

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