What Are The Practices Of Stone Wash Tables?

Hand washing table is a necessity of life. If you want to make good use of bathroom space, the design of the handwashing table is very important. Now there are many materials used for handwashing tables, but why is stone hand washing table so popular? Because the stone has beautiful colors and patterns, high compressive strength, and good physical and chemical properties, stone countertops are deeply loved by many high-end hotels, clubs, villas, and luxury house owners; Moreover, using stone as a washing table will not only improve the style level of the whole family but also give users a pleasant sensory experience. In this article, let’s tell a story about the practice of stone washing tables:

Four common stone wash tables

In the interior decoration, the washstand in the bathroom is a very important part. Today, let’s take a look at the four popular ways of the stone washstand.

1. Table and cabinet integrated handwashing table

This washing table is the way that the tabletop is made on the hanging cabinet, which is suspended. The advantage is that the tabletop is on the hanging cabinet, the overall stress will be better, and all pipelines can be hidden in the cabinet without affecting the appearance. And generally, there will be large color differences between the table and the cabinet itself to highlight the visual senses.

2. Concealed water washing table

The structural type of this washing table is the integrated basin under the rock plate platform suspended on the upper layer, the water is hidden, and the suspended cabinet is under the table. This is a way to separate the cabinet from the countertop so that the countertop and cabinet are suspended. The advantage of this is that the overall handwashing table is divided into two parts, which increases the hierarchical sense of storage function and space, and the shape is relatively novel, giving people a bright feeling in front of them. Moreover, the unique texture and texture of stone also add a lot to the overall shape. In terms of color matching, it is generally mainly dark color or light color on the wall, dark color on the wall, and light color on the wash table.

3. Double-layer stone countertop hand washing table

The washing table is divided into two layers. The upper layer is the basin under the suspended stone table, and the lower layer is the suspended stone table. The hanging edge of the upper layer is generally 200mm and the hanging edge of the lower layer is generally 60mm. You can also add light strips in each layer to increase the level of light enhancement. This is now very popular with customers. The shape is simple, the material is single and not complex. It not only meets the upper and lower layering, does not waste space, but also meets our storage needs. And they are generally made of the same material, so the colors and patterns of the upper and lower layers can be perfectly combined.

4. Single-layer hand washing table

This is a simpler shape than the one above. Only the upper tabletop is reserved, and the space under the tabletop is completely reserved, which enhances the sense of the scope of the space. Similarly, this method will waste the lower space, and the storage function is slightly worse. Moreover, the drainage pipe shall be arranged on the wall as far as possible, so that the drainage hose will not be exposed to the outside.

A stonewash table is a place we have to contact every day. It has been with us for a long time, just like family. No matter what kind of stone wash table you choose, we must take care of it and take care of it as your relatives. Well, this article is written here. If you have more interesting practices of stone wash tables, I hope you can send me an email to share sales@sntstone.com.

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