Several Common Stone Typesetting Methods!

Stone engineering board typesetting has become an indispensable and important process. Stone products must be typeset before leaving the factory, otherwise, the products cannot leave the factory. If Party A and the owner of some projects do not come to the factory to check and accept the typesetting effect, the stone processing enterprise must take photos and send them to Party A and the owner to confirm the typesetting effect, otherwise, Party A and the owner will not sign for the products when they arrive at the construction site.

Stone typesetting covers the enterprises of deep processing of marble and stone products, and even granite processing enterprises. The typesetting of stone products has been everywhere in the stone industry. Processing plants as small as 1000 square meters are originally small, and processing plants as large as tens of thousands of square meters will cut out one or several sites for typesetting. Even in Shenzhen, where the land price is expensive, the same is true. The whole valuable site layout. The cost of typesetting sites has occupied a certain share in stone products, directly or indirectly raising the price of stone products.

At the beginning of this century, stone products began to arrange plates. After nearly 20 years, the methods of typesetting have also changed from purely relying on manual typesetting 20 years ago to computerized typesetting. The technology and methods of typesetting have made great progress, and the labor intensity, efficiency, and effect of typesetting have been greatly improved. In the twenty years of typesetting work, what are the ways of stone typesetting?

01. Rear plate arrangement

The earliest typesetting method was post typesetting. After the products are processed in each process, enter the layout before packaging, and check whether the product color has color difference and texture is consistent. In this post typesetting method, it is often found that the product colors differ greatly and the texture is inconsistent. The product size is the same. When there is no edge grinding, the product order can be adjusted, but the product size is different. When the edge is polished, the product order can not be adjusted. Either change the plate or dye the color difference.

02. Plate arrangement in advance

The method of plate layout in advance is a step further than that of post layout. After bridge cutting, enter the layout first, adjust the product color and texture, and after changing the materials, the product inspector will check the effect before processing. However, although this typesetting method has made some progress and improvement over the post typesetting method, because the bridge cutter did not plan how to cut the plate before cutting, and no one guided and supervised the bridge cutter how to cut the plate, it was found that many plates have color difference and inconsistent texture after typesetting, especially for the stone with the serious color difference. The way of typesetting in advance only controls that the stones with a color difference and inconsistent texture are found before processing, which avoids the cost of reprocessing caused by scrapping after processing and is of great significance to the saving of production cost.

03. Independent planning of bridge cutting

The development of things has always experienced many setbacks before finding a better direction and way forward. The same is true for stone typesetting. After two experiences from post typesetting to pre typesetting, it is found that there are still many disadvantages, the stone typesetting method has taken a step forward and is independently planned by bridge cutting workers. However, although this method of independent planning by bridge cutter can reduce the occurrence of color difference and texture inconsistency to a certain extent, this method also has many disadvantages. It is restricted by the technical level of bridge cutter, because the stone industry did not have systematic basic knowledge about the stone at the beginning of this century, especially about stone texture According to the guidance of professional books on stone texture cutting, many bridge cutting machine workers lack even texture knowledge, coupled with the lack of understanding of stone, so that bridge cutting workers can independently complete material planning. Plate cutting is a dream and can not achieve a good typesetting effect.

04. Bridge cutting team leader planning method

The independent planning method of bridge cutting workers is not feasible, and the joint planning method of bridge cutting team leader and material collector shall be implemented. After receiving the materials, the picking staff and the team leader plan how to cut the plate according to the layout of the production and processing sheet and the first large plate received. This planning method has great blindness, because it only plans the material according to the first plate of each turn of a large plate, and cuts the plate according to the surface of the first large plate when the large plate changes. Can it be imagined that it can have a good effect?

The disadvantage of this planning is that the first plate is used for material planning. When the material changes, the material planning remains unchanged, and it is impossible to cut a good effect. When the amount of production tasks is large and materials are used for a long time, the bridge cutting team leader and material requisition personnel cannot seriously plan the materials and have the energy to manage the material planning. As a result, this practice soon had disadvantages, and there were many problems in material planning.

05. Material planner planning method

Compared with the previous four typesetting methods, the material planner has made great progress in the planning method. A specially assigned person makes the material planning and sends it to the bridge cutting team in written form for implementation, which has better operability, more detailed material planning, and better typesetting effect of the cut board. This model lasted for more than ten years until 2018. The layout method of material planning is challenged by the new planning method – layout software layout method, which is out of date.

Disadvantages of the planning method of the material planner will not observe and understand the real situation of each plate one by one, and then make careful planning according to the situation of each plate. Therefore, this planning method still exists. When the surface quality of large plates changes, the cutting effect is very poor if the material planning is not adjusted. During typesetting, the cut plates cannot be adjusted due to different sizes, resulting in scrapping and re-cutting of the cut plates.

06. Typesetting software typesetting mode

The typesetting software typesetting method began to rise in 2018. Because this typesetting method is completed by software, it can be typeset according to the real pictures of each large board. With good typesetting effect and high typesetting efficiency, combined with the big data produced by the factory, it is easy to realize the intelligent manufacturing of stone processing enterprises and is widely used in the stone industry, It can be said that this typesetting method completed by software is the most advanced in the stone industry at present and in the future. It will shine in the stone industry and make greater contributions to stone processing enterprises!

The above content is the evolution process of stone typesetting. After reading this knowledge, I believe you must understand that the process of stone typesetting must be essential in the past, now, and even in the future. Moreover, the technology is more and more advanced and the efficiency will be higher and higher.

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