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WGold Stone

The WGold tea plate we produce and sell is durable, and it is not deformed, cracked, discolored, odorous, and easy to touch tea stains in cold weather. It is easy to clean up, and it is not affected by weather, temperature and humidity, and has a long service life and high-end atmospheric grade. Wujinshi tea tray is also very cost-effective,


Jade Tea Tray

Jade tea tray is unique. Its lines are natural and vivid, and there are many styles. It is either beautiful or elegant. It is an ideal item for home decoration. The beauty of diamond lies in its hardness, clarity and brightness, the beauty of colored gemstone lies in its gorgeous appearance, and the beauty of jade lies in its delicacy, tenderness and elegance.

Stone Carving

The stone tea tray with Chinese characteristics and traditional cultural connotation is the most attractive fashionable tea set in recent years, such as “enjoying the highest level of tea is not without its standing”. Therefore, it is recognized and favored by customers at home and abroad. It has all the advantages of a stone tea tray. At the same time, it is novel, beautiful and elegant.


Other Styles

Ebony Stone Series

Mini Series


Tianluo green series

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