What are the key points of stone tablet making?

So far, among the tombstones found in China, the earliest dates back to the Eastern Han Dynasty. At that time, the tombstone has been fixed and shaped. The usual appearance is a rectangular main monument. Some common geometric shapes are carved on the top of the monument, such as arcs, triangles,s, or rectangles, and the lower part is connected with another base. There are no strict standards for Chinese tombstones in various provinces, but from the steles carved in previous dynasties, we can see that most of the steles are one meter high, 60 cm wide and less than 10 cm thick. The inscription mainly praises the glorious deeds of the tomb owner.

Material selection of stone tombstone

Tombstone stone should be pure, durable, anti-corrosion, windproof, and free of cracks. Is it stable enough to be placed outdoors? Granite, as a granular natural stone, undoubtedly meets the above requirements, but what kind of granite is the best stone for making stone tombstones? The granite commonly used in modern steles is black, gray, white, and other stones with the same surface color, with smooth surface, colorless lines, and scars.

Of course, some marble will also be used as the material of stone tombstones, such as white marble.

The shape and size of each set of tombstones are different, so they can not be completely processed by assembly-line mechanical equipment, but can only use different instruments according to the different shapes of various accessories of the tombstone.

Therefore, the selection of tombstones is particularly important. The materials of a set of tombstones should be as similar as possible, so as to ensure the same hardness and do not need to debug the machine regularly.

There are several commonly used materials: sesame black granite, Shanxi black granite, Indian red, British brown, white marble, sesame white, etc. these stones have a stable appearance, similar density, and pure color, which are very suitable for making tombstones.

The size of the tombstone should be set like this

As we all know, the key components of the tombstone are the main tablet and the inscription, which are highly valued by both manufacturers and consumers.

When a person dies, a monument must be erected. The position, orientation, and size of the monument must be done according to the theory of traditional Feng Shui. In order to make it easy for everyone to use, Feng Shui ruler is sold in the market. It is specially made according to feng shui theory. The people in the North call it Dylan ruler.

In the common geomantic ruler, there are four scales, two rows up and down. The upper row is used by the Yang house and the lower row is used by the Yin House, that is, the tomb. Each scale is marked with words of good or bad luck. When making relevant parts, it can be made according to the lucky size.

The usual tombstone is 1m high, 80cm wide, and 8cm thick, which is a very auspicious tablet specification.

Inscriptions are also a place to pay great attention. Generally, the font size of the inscription on the monument is only 2-3 sizes. The larger words should be 10-10.5 cm, and the smaller words should be controlled between 3-4 cm. This site is not only in harmony with the overall proportion of the stele, but also has the meaning of auspiciousness.

Of course, with the progress of the times, people’s choice of styles is now not limited to conventional styles, but more personalized customization according to their own preferences. After adding personalized elements, the whole tombstone will become more alive and meaningful.

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