Five Points For Attention In Using Stone Skirting


In addition to the ground, wall, background wall, and other well-known parts in the decoration, the stone is also used in the details of the Boda line, threshold stone, and skirting the line. In this article, we are going to talk about the issue of kicking lines.

Skirting line is a special term used in decoration. In the decoration design, the interior corner line, waistline, and skirting line play a visual balance role. By using their linear feeling, material, and color, they echo each other in the interior, which can play a better role in beautifying the decoration effect. In addition to beautification, another function of the skirting line is its protection function. As the name suggests, the skirting line is the wall area that can be kicked, so it is more vulnerable to impact.

Marble skirting decorative effect is very good-looking, used in the living room is very atmospheric, simple and clear; The advantages of natural marble as skirting line are particularly prominent, such as anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and wall protection; Marble skirting line from light color to dark color, solid color to grain color can be seen on the market, color diversity, texture natural.

The good kicking line can bring very good effects, otherwise, it will be very bad. Here are five points

  1. Too high or too low is not recommended

The original clearance height of our interior decoration is about 2.85 meters, and the clearance height of our interior decoration is about 2.5 meters. At this height, if the skirting line is too high, such as 250mm, it will give people the feeling of “small head and big feet”, which will highlight the existence of the skirting line and reduce the visual sense of the wall modeling; If the skirting line is too low, such as 50 mm, it will make the visual sense of the existence of the skirting line very little, and can not play its decorative purpose. So the normal height of the stone skirting line is 80-200 mm, the simple light luxury style skirting line is 80-120 mm, and the European American French-style skirting line is slightly higher than 120-200 mm.

2. It is not recommended to be embedded in the facade of the wall

First of all, if the skirting line is flat on the wall, the wall should be built first and the skirting line should be pasted first to increase the processing fee. Because of the whole surface problem, the skirting line and the wall contact position are not consistent. Secondly, if the skirting line is flat on the wall, the contact position between the skirting line and the wall, if it is made of putty, it is easy to crack and form through cracks after a long time. If it is made of wall cloth or wallpaper, it is difficult to close the upper opening of the skirting line, which is easy to be unsightly and affects the overall effect. Finally, it is not conducive to the replacement of skirting lines in the future. So the stone skirting line is generally directly pasted on the wall surface.

3. White or very light colors are not recommended

If the stone skirting line chooses the white or very light color, it is easy to reverse alkali, weaken the purpose of the decorative coloring of the skirting line, it is not easy to distinguish the spacing effect of wall and ground, and it is easy to highlight stains, etc. So the material color of the general stone skirting line is dark or black.

4. It is not recommended that deep drawing groove or wide groove should not be polished

When the stone skirting line drawing groove, the deep groove position modeling is not prominent and is not easy to clean, easy to hide dirt. When making a wide groove, it will not be able to reflect the beauty of the shape without polishing. Therefore, when the general stone skirting line is used to make a groove, the depth of the groove is generally about 3mm. When making a wide groove, it must be polished, and the width of the groove should not exceed 25mm.

5. It is not recommended to change the shape

A functional space is a whole. If the skirting line is only a part (excluding the cabinet part) and other parts are made of other materials, the integrity of the functional space will be incomplete. So we generally do all the skirting lines of functional space, the cabinet position is the best, and the modeling is not necessarily unified.

The above is about to do stone skirting a few not recommended matters if you have more and better suggestions. Welcome to email me

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