Amazing Stone Revolving Stairs

In many places, we can see all kinds of stairs made of stone, among which the most amazing are the stone rotating stairs. As a classic art form, it skillfully connects the staggered floor structure of the building with unique ideas and pleasing shapes and increases the flexibility of the whole. In this article, let’s talk about the stone rotating stairs.

Stairs are not only an important component of connecting space but also a landscape of home design. As a means of vertical transportation, they closely connect floors. However, in addition to meeting practical functions, they should also be designed as a work of art. The materials for decorating stairs are also very diverse. There are many materials for decorating stairs, and natural stone is deeply loved by designers because of its rich texture and other characteristics.

● concept

Stairs are floors from the first floor to the second or third floor or even higher. In addition to modern elevators, stairs are needed to go up and down to the floor where you want to go. The other is on the same floor, but there are high and low levels of fall in different areas, so steps are needed to ease the height difference.

The common indoor stair steps are simply divided into two types: straight stairs and arc stairs, that is, rotating stairs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of rotating stairs compared with straight stairs?


  1. Beautiful appearance.

Compared with the straight stairs, the shape of the rotating stairs is more smooth, more streamlined, and more in line with the aesthetic requirements, so its shape will be more beautiful and ornamental.

2. Save space.

Rotating stairs can make more effective use of vertical space, to save the occupied area of the plane. One of the most space-saving is the pure circular rotating staircase, which rotates with the central axis, which can make maximum use of the vertical space.

3. More three-dimensional.

Because it makes better use of the vertical space, the three-dimensional feeling of the rotating staircase will be stronger.


1. The step tread width is inconsistent, narrow inside and wide outside.

The rotating staircase rotates on the central axis, so the farther away from the central axis, the wider the tread of each step, and vice versa. This will make the tread on the inner side too narrow for the elderly and children to walk, and the outer side will be larger.

2. It feels steep.

On the one hand, the tread on the inner side is too narrow, which makes the walking feeling steep. On the other hand, the limited number of steps that can be divided by the rotating stairs will make the height of each step relatively high.

3. High foundation requirements.

The manufacturing requirements of the foundation of the rotating staircase, whether concrete foundation or steel structure foundation, will be higher, so it is necessary to find a more professional foundation team for construction, and the stress of the rotating staircase will be more concentrated, so it needs more effective reinforcement. A good foundation is more conducive to the later stair production and the final overall effect.

4. High costs.

The cost of foundation production, later stone processing and installation, railing production, and installation of rotary stairs is several times higher than that of straight stairs, which will increase the decoration budget of the owner.

Three elements of making rotating stairs

1. Scientific and accurate design

Enough scientific and accurate design drawings are the top priority in the design of rotating stairs. If the design size is wrong, it will directly lead to installation failure.

2. Ultra high precision processing technology

The rotary staircase is one of the most difficult special-shaped stone products to process. It is highly respected for its exquisite structural modeling and stops people with cumbersome and complex construction technology.

3. Professional installation team

The revolving staircase has a complicated process and complex shape. The foundation frame should be very accurate whether it is made of concrete or steel frame, and the curve radian of stone veneer is natural.

● Process flow elements of rotating stairs

1. Site setting out is the most critical

Like all stairs, the rotary staircase is mainly composed of steps, platforms, and guardrail handrails. However, compared with ordinary stairs, the shape of the rotary staircase rises spirally, the steps open radially, and the handrails are in a smooth curve according to the overall shape. Therefore, setting out has become the most critical process control point in the early stage of construction.

2. Overall consideration of construction sequence

The construction content of the seemingly complex rotating staircase is no more than skirting, stepping, fence, waistline, handrail, and so on. According to our mature installation procedures, combined with the actual situation on-site, after overall consideration, we decided to start the construction from the stone skirting with the least impact.

3. For the butt joint installation of stone skirting board and handrail that need to rotate and rise according to radian,

Its installation accuracy is very important. During docking, not only the docking points shall be completely consistent, but also the upper, lower, left and right deviations of the docked extension line at the next contact shall not be greater than 2mm. To ensure the smoothness and straightness of the overall effect of the marble handrail and cover plate.

The most difficult part for high-precision processing of stone rotating stair components is the rotating waistline, followed by the rotating handrail, followed by the rotating cover plate, the rotating side plate, and the step.

Most of the rotating stairs extend from the bottom floor of the lobby to the second-floor platform, which makes the original two independent areas integrated, slightly graceful in the atmosphere and soft in the grandeur, becoming the brightest visual focus in the lobby area. Well, today’s article will be written here first. I hope you can email me for criticism and correction at

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