Knowledge Summary Of Stone Railings


Whether on both sides of the bridge, or both sides of some moats, or even some villas, we can see all kinds of stone railings. They are widely used, and the effect is very beautiful after installation. In this article, let’s talk about stone railings.


● Application of stone railings

Stone railings are widely used, especially in the bridge deck. Generally, the railings we see on the bridge are all stone railings. It can be said that good stone railings are a part of the bridge deck, and the protection and decoration effects are obvious.

When walking or driving on the bridge, safety is mainly guaranteed by stone railings. There must be railings on the bridge deck, otherwise, people will worry about standing on it.

At the same time, the decorative effect of stone railings is also very good, adding a little color effect to the bridge deck, bringing visual beauty, which is also the most intuitive visual experience of people. In people’s life, railings have become an indispensable part of the bridge.

If there are no stone railings on the bridge, there will be some hidden danger of safety. Therefore, stone railings on the bridge deck should be built on every bridge, which can ensure its safety and save people’s bad spirit.

In people’s life, the selection of materials for railings should also be standardized. Generally, the materials that can withstand the baptism of wind and rain should be selected, which can make the use of stone railings on bridge deck last for a long time. At the same time, when they are used, they can also adhere to a relatively stable role, which can ensure people’s life and death level And don’t be afraid of peace.

The height of the stone balustrade is an issue that needs to be confirmed when ordering, and it needs to be reasonably designed. The setting of the height of the stone balustrade should be based on the application scenario. Let’s talk about this in detail.

1. For example, the height of the low fence used for the protection and beautification of flower garden scenic spots is generally 0.2-0.3 meters, and its main function is to stop the maintenance of flower garden vegetation.

2. The height of protective stone railings used beside rivers or roads is generally 0.8-0.9 meters, mainly used to stop people and vehicles leaving and beautify the city.

3. The protective function of the bridge is 1.1-1.3 meters high, and its main function is to maintain the safety of the bridge and pedestrians.

4. The height of railings in front of tall buildings such as halls is about 1.3 to 1.6 meters, while the height of smaller halls is about 1 to 1.3 meters.

The height of stone railings in different scenes is different. We suggest that the height of stone railings with a safety protection function should be greater than 0.9 meters. People should not pursue the appearance of simple and exquisite but neglect the safety protection function.

The moment between the railings of the railing column is generally 0.5-3 meters. In the place where special protection is needed, the spacing between the railings considered in the overall design of the stone railing should not have a gap that children can drill through.


Precautions for installation of the stone railing

The installation quality of stone railings is related to its service life, so the installation of stone railings should be paid attention to and should be operated by a professional installation team

The installation personnel should be clear about the installation process of the stone railings. The stone railings are a kind of safety equipment for the fence. Therefore, before the installation, it is necessary to check that the variety, scope of application, and stress limit of the stone railings meet the requirements of national engineering. The stone railings must have the qualification certificate and test report of the stone railings manufacturer.

First of all, check the stone railings to see if there are cracks, damages, and stains on the components of the stone railings. If the surface can’t be seen, you can hit it quietly with a hammer. If you still hear the sound of ringing, it’s not damaged. If you hear the movement of the stuffy bar, it may be that there are cracks or problems somewhere in the railings.

Secondly, we should pay attention to the grain on the surface of the stone railings, as well as the need for all members to bear the gravity, especially the vertical direction of the columns.


How to prevent external damage of stone railings

The damage of stone railings can be divided into man-made damage and natural damage. The details are as follows:

1、 Stone railings are susceptible to man-made corrosion

a. In modern industry, the content of exhaust gas, such as nitride, carbide, sulfide, carbide, and acid, increases gradually. When these substances are mixed with rainwater, acid rain will form, which will corrode stone railings and reduce their service life.

b. The “waste residue” and “waste liquid” with acid or alkali in modern industry erode stone railings and cause corrosion.

c. In the process of engineering construction, it is easy to cause corrosion if chemicals are accidentally sprinkled on the stone railings.

d. In the maintenance of stone railings, it is necessary to use the curing agent correctly, otherwise, the railings will be damaged.

2、 Stone railings are susceptible to natural corrosion

a. Nitrogen, oxygen, and water vapor in nature produce acid rain containing nitric acid under the action of lightning, which causes the corrosion of stone railings.

b. Bryophytes in nature, under certain conditions, accept the water in the air and drink oxygen to corrode stone railings.

Stone railings are easy to be corroded by the above two aspects, so the protection should be strengthened in use.


● Nursing of stone railings

Due to the solemnity, luxury, and durability of stone materials such as granite and marble, the stone is the main decoration material for the interior and exterior walls or floors of buildings.

Granite, marble, and other stone generally adhere to the method are first in the concrete wall or ground daub mortar, and then apply sealant on the stone and then attach. However, calcium hydroxide and calcium sulfate contained in concrete and cement mortar will precipitate from the stone surface, resulting in moistening spots and frost, seriously damaging its beauty. In addition, the metal parts embedded in the stone will rust due to water, forming rust spots on the surface of the stone. To prevent this kind of pollution, silicone waterproof agents, polymer cement mortar, emulsion resin, and epoxy resin are often applied on the stone surface, which can play a certain protective effect.

A Stone railing is a kind of railings carved and installed with stone. It is an excellent protective device, which is common in people’s lives and closely related to people’s daily travel safety. Well, we’ll write this article first. I hope you can send me an email at To share more information.

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