How Are Stone Pillars Classified?


In many places where we live, we can see all kinds of columns, among which the stone column is more prominent. From a distance, it looks very grand and grand, giving people a solemn and solemn feeling. In this article, let’s talk about the knowledge of stone pillars.

First of all, what is a stone pillar? The stone column refers to the solid core or hollow core column of architectural decoration made of marble and granite. What are the specific classifications?

  1. According to the type of stone selected, it can be divided into marble and granite columns;

2. According to the shape characteristics of the column, it can be divided into Roman column, plum column, twisted column, balustrade column, carved column, multi prism, monochrome column, and multi-color column;

3.  According to the size of the cross-section, it can be divided into equal diameter columns with equal cross-section, the conical column with unequal cross-section, and the drum column.

4. The difference between the circular arc plate and the circular arc plate is that the circular arc plate is only used to wrap the decorative cylinder and is a part of the outer surface of the cylinder; Stone column is a solid core or hollow core of the whole cylinder or splicing cylinder.

Next, we will focus on the various stone columns classified according to the shape characteristics of the columns

● Roman column

The Roman column is a kind of European decoration architectural style, its basic unit is composed of columns and eaves. The column can be divided into three parts: column base, column body, and column head (column cap). Due to the different sizes, proportions, and shapes of each part, as well as the different treatment and decorative patterns of the column body, different column styles are formed. The types are Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, and Roman (TASI and composite). It includes Doric, ionic, Corinthian, and Romanesque.

● Twisted column

The twisted column, also known as the spinal column, has a spiral shape on its outer surface. The spiral lines on the outer surface of the spinal column have the shapes of a single head, double head, and multi-head; The shape of the spiral tooth tip includes arc, line, and combination of arc; Generally, the twisted-column is an integral column.

● Plum blossom column

Plum blossom column, also known as false angle column, because of its four inner columns, so that a corner into two petal shape. It has a reasonable force transmission path, high bearing capacity, wide support coverage, and can use smaller members to form larger support space. It has been widely used in foreign countries and China, especially in some large-span space structures, which have unique architectural shape, flexible spatial structure layout, and less steel consumption, and conform to the general trend of energy-saving buildings.

● Railings

In ancient China, a stone railing pole was called Flanagan, also known as Golan. It is a safe facility for bridges and buildings. It is widely used in municipal, water conservancy, parks, traffic bridges, river protection around the city, villa decoration, guardrail works, etc. Can play a good role in protection, but also can be used to divide the space.

● Carving column

Carved patterns with decorative effects on the surface of stone columns are mainly square, round, hexagonal, octagonal, and sub font shapes, which are suitable for ancestral temples, palaces, garden squares, cemeteries, and other architectural forms. At present, the most common ones are the Huabiao column, Roman column, Panlong column, sheng xiao column, gun long column, totem column, and cultural column. In the design of carving column modeling, designers should carve various auspicious decorative patterns on the stone column according to the characteristics of different buildings, so that the carved column can be integrated with the surrounding environment of the building, and play the role of decoration beautification and rendering atmosphere.

● Multi prism

Prism is a common three-dimensional polyhedron in geometry, which refers to a closed geometry in which two parallel planes are cut vertically by three or more planes. Multi prism also includes an oblique prism, straight prism, regular prism, parallelepiped, straight parallelepiped, and cuboid. Stone multi-prism is such a three-dimensional polyhedron.

● Monochromatic column

The stone column is made of solid color, showing one color as a whole.

● Polychromatic column

A polychromatic column is a stone column composed of a variety of colors.

The above stone columns with different materials and various shapes can not only play a supporting role but also have ornamental and aesthetic features. They are not found and stand by in silence. If you see it, you can find its beauty. If you don’t see it, you will stand and support it for years. This kind of quality is born of stone, unknown, accumulated, and will bloom one day. Well, this article will be written here first. I will explain the production process of various stone pillars one by one in future articles. Of course, if you have more good information about stone pillars, please send me an email at

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