Stone people should know the cutting equipment

As we all know, all processing involves equipment. According to the processing technology, there are cutting equipment, plate cutting equipment, modeling equipment, and grinding and polishing equipment. This equipment can be subdivided according to product processing. For example, modeling equipment includes line modeling equipment, arc plate modeling equipment, cylindrical modeling equipment, etc. In this article, we will elaborate on the blanking and plate cutting equipment in the lower processing equipment.

1. Blanking equipment

(1) Large plate cutting equipment

The cutting height of the large plate is equipped with a single saw, pull saw, sand saw, circular saw, and multi-axis diamond bead rope saw.

❶. Monolithic saw

Single-chip saw is cutting equipment with only one saw blade installed. It is mostly used for trimming, dividing, and cutting waste materials. A small number of large plates and plates with special thickness are mostly sawn by a single piece.

❷. Jigsaw

Row saw is sawing equipment for large marble plates, which is especially suitable for large-scale block and large-scale plate production. It has high production efficiency and small flatness and thickness deviation of the produced large plate products.

❸. Sand saw

Sand saw is another important piece of equipment for stone sawing. It is called sand saw because it uses steel sand and lime as auxiliary materials for cutting. Sand saw is mainly used for sawing large granite plates.

❹. Multi rope diamond bead wire saw

New technologies of stone processing emerge one after another. Multi rope diamond bead string saw is a new process and technology for opening a large plate, which has been vigorously promoted and applied in the field of stone processing. Multi-axis diamond bead wire saw breaks through the limitations of sand saw and pull saw. It can cut both soft and hard stones.

❺. Circular saw

A Circular saw is another important piece of equipment for sawing large plates and blanks besides a pull saw and sand saw. Because it can cut plates and blanks of any thickness when sawing waste materials, and the equipment is cheap, the site area is small, and there is no complex program to adjust the saw blade for each thickness of plates, the use of circular saw is very common. A Circular saw is very suitable for the processing of small-batch, multi-thickness, and multi-variety plates.

Circular saws are mostly used for sawing strip boards. They are suitable for sawing waste materials with a height of less than 950mm. In the processing of small batches of rough boards, the sawing efficiency is greater than that of pull saws and sand saws. However, the thickness of the blade of the circular saw is too thick, which wastes materials for sewing strips. Therefore, there are fewer and fewer wool boards with the circular saw, and the circular saw combined sleeve saw is replaced.

According to the diameter of the circular saw

They are ¢ 2400, ¢ 2200, ¢ 2000, ¢ 1600, and ¢ 1200 circular saws.

The cutting depth of a circular saw is divided into a large cutting machine, medium cutting machine, and small cutting machine. The sawing depth of a large cutting machine is more than 750mm; The mid-cut depth is more than 600 mm; The small cutting depth is more than 300 mm.

❻. Split plate equipment

The amount of horizontal cutting machines is less, which is used for cutting stones. The cutting tool used by the cutting machine is a diamond band saw blade, and the thickness of the saw blade does not exceed 3mm. Therefore, the sawing gap in the cutting process is small, which is especially suitable for cutting jade stones with high value. However, this kind of equipment has low cutting efficiency and relatively high cutting cost. It is not very practical for stone cutting, but there are still a few domestic production enterprises processing high-grade stone materials.

(2) Blank cutting equipment

The starting column, balustrade column (flower bottle column), and other rotary products and lines of rotary stairs are molded and processed with blank. The blank opening is a common processing procedure in the processing of rotary stairs. Single-chip saw, circular saw, diamond bead wire saw, diamond circular arc plate bead wire saw, and electronic bridge cutting machine of rotary stair blank cutting equipment. The first four kinds of equipment are used to cut thick plates, and the electronic bridge cutting machine is used to divide the blanks.

2 plate cutting equipment

In the processing of rotary stairs, we should not only cut generally shaped plates but also oblique shaped plates, especially cut parallelogram-shaped plates. Therefore, the appropriate plate cutting equipment should be selected according to the product characteristics.

(1) Bridge cutting machine

A bridge cutting machine is a very common plate cutting equipment for cutting plates in the processing of rotating stairs. It can not only cut flat products but also turn the workbench to a certain angle to cut special-shaped plate products.

(2) Electronic bridge cutting machine

Electronic bridge cutting is cutting equipment with more advanced processing and a higher degree of automation than bridge cutting machines. The electronic bridge cutting machine is more advanced than bridge cutting in that its head can rotate freely at any angle in the horizontal direction, and the head can swing 0 ° ~ 90 ° in the vertical direction. Precisely because the head can swing at any angle in the horizontal and vertical directions, the electronic bridge cutting machine not only has high accuracy but also has high production efficiency when cutting the special-shaped plate of rotating stairs. It is the best processing equipment for processing rotating stairs.

(3) Hand cutter

Although the hand-operated machine is an extremely backward stone processing equipment, it is still loved by many stone processing enterprises and is still used for the processing of various stone products because of its flexible and fast advantages in skimming, slotting, corner-cutting, and small-size products, as well as its cheap equipment.

(4) Water jet cutter

A water jet cutter is a kind of equipment that uses a high-pressure water jet to cut stone products. Because the water jet cutter can cut various geometric shapes, it is widely used to cut special-shaped stone plate products, and the efficiency of cutting special-shaped products is high and the precision is good. The water jet cutter can be used to cut the step special-shaped plate, side plate special-shaped plate, bending line, cover plate, and bottom plate of rotating stairs.

With the development of science and technology, more good and advanced technologies will be used in this processing equipment, so the future processing equipment will produce products with higher precision and better quality. Let’s wait and see. Well, the article on processing equipment will be updated continuously.

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