What Are The Groove Styles Of Stone?


The slotting of stone products has been a thousand years old. Before we have been engaged in the processing of stone products, we have seen the shape of the groove from some foreign ancient architectural pictures. The function and aesthetic function of the groove in stone decoration has been imprinted in my mind. The three columns of Greece are Doric, Ionian, and Collins because of the Roman groove, which adds the artistic charm and eternal history of the three columns. Even in modern times, the charm of the decorative art of this column and Roman trough is not neglected and forgotten. It can still be seen in many famous buildings, even in the decoration of family houses. The Roman trough on these three pillars is not limited to the three types of columns, and it has been deduced into more colorful and diverse other grooves, which has more functions and functions, and presents a variety of art decoration forms, which plays an important role in the beauty of architectural decoration. Because of the groove decoration, the Roman column appears more slender, upright, more decorative art and craft.

At present, the groove has various forms, not only has the decoration function but also its specific function. The water trough not only plays the role of decoration on the flat panel, but also increases the stereoscopic sense of the product through the trough, and also creates the effect of flowing water, which makes the water on the water wall have a dynamic, jumping and rolling feeling, and creates more vivid and interesting decorative artistic effect; The antiskid groove on stairs and floor panels increases the friction force on the ground, prevents the pedestrian from falling and slipping through here, and ensures the safety of pedestrians; Bamboo groove can be processed by small stones, which not only makes full use of stone resources but also creates a unique decorative art effect. The function and function of the groove have been further expanded and expanded.

So this article, we summarize the current slot forms, as follows:

  1.  Roman Trough

●    Concave Arc Groove

Concave arc groove is also known as arc groove: mostly concave arc. Common diameter of concave arc groove (mm): 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70, 80. Concave arc groove is the most common groove, and also the most widely used groove. It is widely used in the stone products such as flat plates, cylinders, circular arc plates, etc., and is the groove that stone designers love to design most. The three classical cylinder types are concave arc grooves. The pattern of the concave arc groove is as follows

●    Convex Arc Groove

The convex arc groove is a convex groove, a common groove in plum blossom solid column modeling, and the main form of a bamboo joint surface groove.

●    Concave Arc Groove

Concave and convex arc groove is a groove composed of groove and convex groove, which is mostly used in solid column modeling

2. Square Groove

Square groove refers to the shape of the groove section as square. The square groove width (mm) is 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 60, 80, 90.

3.  V-Groove

V-groove with “V” shape, V-shaped groove, V-shaped can be 45 °、 sixty °、 ninety ° Angle, mostly 90 ° Angle V-groove. V-groove can also be made of beveled edges.

4. U-Groove

The U-groove is similar to the square groove, but the difference is that the two right angles at the bottom are processed into fillets. Fillets can be R2, R3, R4, R8, R10, R12, etc.

5. Flume

The flow tank can also be called a serrated groove because its shape is like serration. The water trough is mainly used for stone water products. Waterfalls down through the trough, which make dynamic water flowers very interesting and artistic.

6. Wire Drawing Groove

The actual drawing groove is the drawing wire, which refers to the groove with the groove width, groove depth less than 3mm, and spacing less than 6 mm. Fig. 9 drawing groove and figure 10 actual drawing groove.

7. Wave Trough

The wave groove is connected by a series of internal and external arcs, which are in the shape of waves.

8. Circular Groove

The groove of the arc surface is slotted on the arc surface. This circular surface can be a solid cylindrical arc surface, or hollow column circular arc surface, circular arc surface of the circular wall. The circular arc groove on the solid column is the most common and widely used. The convex groove can also be opened on the arc surface.

9. Flat Groove

A slot in which a flat groove is opened on a flat plate. The groove can be a circular groove, square, V-shaped groove, water trough, etc. To make the flat decoration of the stone products have a three-dimensional effect, more and more flat slotted products.

10. Metal Strip Mounting Groove

Groove for mounting the strip. Now stone decoration is popular in the combination of cross-border, and metal is installed on stone products, which makes stone not only emit the light of stone itself but also shine the luster of metal.

11. Antiskid Groove

The groove at the front of the stair step, the anti-skid groove on the floor plate, the groove of the toilet floor panel, the groove on the platform of the railway station, and the groove on the edge of the swimming pool have the anti-skid function.

12. Bamboo Slot

The surface of the bamboo groove is composed of different size outer arcs. This kind of surface product can be produced and processed by using leftover materials. Although small pieces are processed, the surface of the bamboo groove has a good decorative effect. This kind of surface product is widely used in the Shenzhen Dongta apartment project.

13. Fracture Surface Groove

Pull the groove of stone products and knock the groove into the fracture surface. Although the surface form of this product is rough, it has the effect of simplicity and nature. This surface effect is widely used in the decoration of business office buildings in Blackstar real estate.

14. Letter Back Slot

The shape of the groove is similar to that of the Chinese character Hui. The stone products of the back type groove have the Chinese decorative style.

Of course, there are frame grooves, anti-slip slots, solid column grooves, inclined pull grooves, through grooves, no grooves, etc. Each kind of groove pulling method can bring a different experience to stone, making decoration appear more hierarchical. So what kind of groove do you like? Welcome to email me. Email :sales@sntstone.com.

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