Installation Technology Of Stone Facing Metal Insert

In the interface handover processing of decorative materials, metal fillets are almost universal closing materials. Whether it is a flat connection or height difference, the closing of different media materials and metal fillets can be perfectly connected. Today we are talking about the installation technology of stone fillets.

● Stone metal inlay technology

  1. Metal decorative strip inlay, inlay method

① Pull out the groove of the decorative strip size on the stone surface, and the depth shall be determined according to the needs, that is, the size of the decorative strip higher than the plate surface or the inlay size. The depth of the groove is slightly deeper than the actual size.

② Apply marble glue to the stone groove, insert the stainless steel decorative strip into the stone groove, and determine the position, height, and size.

③ When the marble glue is not completely dry after waiting for a few minutes, scrape off the excess or overflow colloid with an art knife and wait for it to be completely dry.

2. Metal decorative strip inlay, floating method

Wall stone groove

① Apply the marble glue directly to the bottom of the decorative strip and stick it to the stone surface after determining the size. Generally, it is recommended to grind the pasting position with an angle grinder first.

② When the marble glue is not completely dry after waiting for a few minutes, scrape off the excess or overflow colloid with an art knife and wait for it to be completely dry.

3. The ground stone metal insert adopts the method of caulking strip

The metal decorative strip is used as the transition zone at the junction of stone and other materials

① The caulking strip adopts the structural form with anchor foot, the butt joint adopts different forms of the tenon, and the caulking glue with strong adhesive force and buckle installation are adopted for fixation

② The installation of the caulking strip is configured at the specified position, and its height is 2 ~ 3mm higher than the ground construction surface. The anchor foot is fixed with hard mortar, and the special caulking adhesive with a strong bonding force is better.

● Analysis on common problems of stone metal insert closing

1. The stone inlaid copper strip turns green

Cause analysis: there are acidic components in the stone grinding crystal material, which react with copper, and the copper strip is corroded and loses luster.

Take steps:

① Stone protection: Stone inlaid with copper strip must be protected. In particular, marble with high water absorption needs the highest level of protective treatment. That is, a high-quality penetrating protective agent or fluorine protective agent shall be applied multiple times. The number of passes shall also be increased at the gap.

② Careful treatment after grinding: when the ground is renovated if the copper strip can be ground and has been ground. Then the fine copper particles will stay in the areas on both sides of the gap.

2. The stone finish gap on both sides of the molding is uneven

Aiming at the problem, the treatment effect is better to take steps:

① The width of reserved fillets for stone facing installed on-site can be controlled by cutting density strips with the corresponding width.

② The fillets shall be temporarily fixed by adhesive installation on site. Pay attention to the uniform gap on both sides. If qualified, the manufacturer can fix the fillets in the backyard and install the finished products on site.

3. The internal and external corners of the molding are not spliced in place

Cause analysis:

① The internal and external corners of the fillets are 45 °, and the cutting error is large and inconsistent.

② The fillet strip at the corner joint is degummed and loose.

③ The joints of stone facing are uneven, the fillets are installed on-site, and excessive artificial extrusion leads to corner deformation.

Take steps:

① Trial assembly is required after the metal insert is cut at 45 °, and it shall be fixed after it is completely matched.

② During the installation process, the firmness of the corner joint of the control strip shall be timely, and the corner joint shall be subject to enhanced bonding treatment.

③ If the reserved gap is too small, the fillets shall not be installed forcibly and shall be installed after reprocessing.

4. Cover type fillets do not cover stone finish ends

Cause analysis:

① The bead flanging width is narrow.

② The installation and splicing of the stone-facing plate are uneven.

③ The stone finish is affected by the environment, and the shrinkage deformation is too large, resulting in the inability of the fillets to cover.

Take steps:

① The shrinkage and deformation of stone finish in the later stage shall be considered for the molding style and flanging design width.

② The size and flatness of the reserved gap shall be controlled with the help of the corresponding thickness of the clamping strip.

5. The metal strip fell off directly

Cause analysis:

① The neutral silicone glue used for fixing the insert is aged, resulting in the drop of the insert.

② Neutral silicone adhesive is used to fix the fillets, and the fixed points are few.

③ The deformation of the stone base plate is affected by ambient temperature and humidity, resulting in the separation of bonding colloid from the base plate.


① The quality of neutral silicone adhesive for fixing fillets must meet the relevant requirements of silicone structural sealing for buildings, and the bonding strength must meet the specifications

② The colloid fixing points shall be appropriately increased according to the length of the decorative molding.

③ Control the quality of the base plate, break the reinforcement or open the hole when sealing the plate, to release the deformation internal stress of the plate.

The marble and metal are gathered together tightly to convey the atmosphere, grace, solemnity, and nobility; Visually, it can form a strong artistic tension, show a mysterious, stable, luxurious and noble space, and easily create a fashionable and exquisite modern home. The gold inlay on the marble makes people feel the breath of art at the same time of luxury, just like a marble art painting. Well, this article will be written here first. There are still many problems that can be discussed about stone and metal fillets. If you are interested, you are welcome to email me at

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