Why Do Stone-Cutting Plates Collapse?


People who have used stone in decoration know that many details should be paid special attention to in the production and processing of stone products. Otherwise, the appearance of the processed products is extremely ugly, such as edge chipping. Although some edge chipping can be treated with glue and other processes during the product installation, such as products with the light on the side, products with French edge grinding, products with adhesive bonding, products with edge grinding around, etc, Edge collapse directly leads to poor installation effect. How did this problem arise? How to avoid it? In this article, let’s talk about this topic

It is caused by the material itself

1. The material is loose. Rock, sandstone, sandstone, and some loose granite are easy to collapse when cutting slabs.

2. There are many cracks in the material. The crack mentioned here is that there are dark cracks inside or outside some stones. Some can be seen with naked eyes, and some can’t be seen with naked eyes. Only when the cutting plate is under the action of the local force, it will appear. Especially in the corner, it is easy to collapse.

3. Materials with large crystal particles. For example, some stones with large crystal particles, such as white ice jade, white crystal, brown diamond, red diamond, and gold diamond, are easy to collapse in the process of cutting.

Saw blade problem

This situation should be analyzed in several ways

1. The saw blade does not match the stone. Some stone that is easy to collapse should be cut by a sharp saw blade with a high mesh number and dense surface density.

2. The new saw blade is not cut. The sharpness of the uncut saw blade is not high, which leads to stone edge collapse when cutting.

3. The saw blade is not sharp. After being used for a long time, the sharpness of the saw blade decreases. If you don’t use a firebrick to sharpen the saw blade and improve its sharpness, there will be edge collapse.

4. The teeth of the saw blade fall off. If the saw blade with teeth missing is used to cut the board, the performance of the saw blade will be greatly reduced, and the edge is easy to collapse when cutting the board.

5. The service life of the saw blade has expired. When the saw blade is used, replace the saw blade, otherwise, the edge will collapse when cutting.

Problems of infrared bridge cutting machine

1. The working table of the bridge cutter is not smooth, and the surface saw groove is too deep

The flatness of the working table of the bridge cutting machine has a great influence on the edge collapse, which is an important reason for the edge collapse during the stone cutting. Therefore, whenever the bridge cutting staff see that the tool groove on the surface of the worktable is too deep, they should use the milling cutter to mill these grooves in time to make the worktable surface smooth. This method plays an important role in eliminating stone edge collapse.

2. The cutting speed is too fast

Many stone production enterprises implement the piecework wage system for their employees, which plays a great role in improving their work enthusiasm. However, the practice of piecework wage system will encourage the production staff to cut the plate at full power, and too fast cutting speed will have a great impact on the plate being cut, which will easily lead to the edge collapse of the cut plate, especially the serious edge collapse.

3. The saw blade of the bridge cutter jumps

The jumping of the saw blade of the bridge cutting machine makes the force of the saw blade uneven in the process of cutting, which leads to the edge collapse of the plate being cut

Plate unloading

Some of the stones are brittle. When the board-cutting staff unloads the board from the bridge, they work savagely. When they put the board, they have too much force. In addition, the cut board does not put the spacer bar. The impact between the boards leads to the collapse of the board edge.

Product transshipment

When the product is transported, because there is no barrier between the plates, the speed of the forklift is too fast, and the uneven ground causes the vibration and impact of the product, which leads to the edge collapse in front of the product. In addition, in the process of typesetting, packing, and other processes, manual handling of plates is easy to be careless, and it is easy to produce the problem of edge collapse.

The phenomenon of edge collapse often occurs in the process of stone products processing, but we should try our best to avoid, analyze the causes of the above problems, scientific production, careful transportation, reasonable packing, to minimize the problem of edge collapse. It can not be avoided, direct replacement or repair with environmental protection glue, the effect will be guaranteed. I hope you can put forward more good suggestions after reading the article. Looking forward to your email to me sales@sntstone.com.

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