Guardian Of A Safe City – Stone Car Blocking Stone

We shuttle around every corner of the city, intersection, small gate intersection, and other places. We often see some round, square, and other shapes made of stone. This is car blocking. Then in this article, let’s talk about the things about a car blocking stones.

● Summary

Car stop stone is also known as car stop stone and car stop stone. It is designed to decorate the overall landscape of the city and is made of special machines. The car Block Stone is mainly made of sesame gray, Wulian red, Wulian, and other granite stones with large output and uniform color. The external shapes generally include circle, semicircle, square, polygon, facade, cone, diamond, etc. It is suitable for landscape plaza, home community, large outdoor parking lot, sidewalk, park, etc.


1. Good weather resistance, low water absorption, and good frost resistance. Good chemical stability and strong durability.

2. Compact structures, hard texture, high bearing capacity, and high compressive strength. It has strong corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance.

3. Strong grinding ductilities, easy to cut and shape. Granite presents fine, medium, and coarse granular structure or porphyry structure, with uniform and fine particles and small gaps.

4. The common sizes of stone balls are 25 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, and 60 cm in diameter. They can also be customized according to the specifications and sizes of customers.

● Origin

It is said that in some streets of Pompeii city in ancient Rome, cars, and horses crossed with pedestrians, often causing traffic jams and accidents in the city. To this end, people separated the sidewalk from the carriage road, raised the sidewalk, and built blocks of stones protruding from the road near the intersection as signs to indicate pedestrians to cross the street. Pedestrians can step on these stones and cross the road safely. In this way, it has gradually evolved into the car barrier used now.


In modern society, the number of cars has been overcrowded. It is difficult to drive and park. Some drivers ignore the traffic road laws and regulations, resulting in accidents when cars drive into sidewalks or squares. To avoid similar accidents, car barriers are more and more used. Place a stop ball near the sidewalk or in the park square to effectively restrict the entry of vehicles.

  1. Car blocking balls often appear in parking lots, parks, and landscaped roads. They are generally round or cylindrical stones polished from marble. Their purpose is to prevent vehicles from entering the forbidden area, to avoid reducing the threat to pedestrian safety by vehicles. At the same time, it can also standardize road traffic.

2. The car stop ball is a convenient and practical space partition. The shape of the car stop ball designed now is generally ball-shaped above and circular drag plate below the ball. It is beautiful and easy to use: it can be stabilized on the ground without cement, which is easy to adjust and move.

● Matters needing attention

After a long period of laying, stains will inevitably appear on the stone during use. This is a very common thing. Many people do not have professional cleaning knowledge, and the method is very wrong when removing the stone. For example, we like to wipe the stains on the surface with a wet towel, but many people may not know that humidity is an important cause of stone disease, Therefore, we should wipe the stone with a dry towel, which is what we should pay attention to when removing the stains on the car stop stone

Now people have higher and higher requirements for architecture. As a kind of building stone, the car Block Stone has also attracted the attention of many people. More and more friends use car block stones as a decorative stones. Of course, there are many new car block stones, such as the luminous car Block Stone, which can not only play the role of a safety barrier but also add to the beauty of the city.

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