Introduction To The Knowledge Of Stone Background Wall In Living Room

In-home decoration, many friends still pay more attention to the TV background wall. After all, this background wall also plays a decorative role. Apart from the design and stone processing, the installation of a perfect marble background wall is also very important. If the construction and installation technology is not in place, the beauty of the background wall will be damaged, which may put all previous efforts on fire. In this article, let’s discuss the relevant knowledge of the stone background wall.

Characteristics of the marble background wall

1. Good decorative performance and beautiful atmosphere. First of all, marble is not only one of the better decorative materials in household materials, but also one of the most widely used and highly praised materials in household materials. Its color is very gorgeous and its color selectivity is relatively high. It is widely used in indoor walls and ground decoration, which is very beautiful.

2. The high-quality marble background wall is very durable, especially in terms of wear resistance, not easy to aging, folding resistance, compression resistance, and other advantages. As long as it is properly decorated, it can be said that there is no need to worry about the quality.

Marble material selection

Preliminary preparation, key points of marble material selection, and decoration planning: When using marble as the TV background wall, careful friends should plan the overall decoration style, which is mainly reflected in the space size planning, color style planning, and surface treatment planning of the background wall.

1. Space size planning

In the design and planning, we should first consider the space size of the TV background wall, which can be determined according to the size of the TV and the overall space. The size of a marble is usually assembled with tens of centimeters of stone slabs, which is easier to transport and install. However, some owners choose a whole large slab.

2. Material color selection

Marble has a wide variety of colors and textures. Dark marbles such as black and coffee are noble and atmospheric, while light colors such as white and beige are warm and full. There are simple and neat patterns and elegant lines, as well as bright and prominent lines, which have a strong impact. However, it should be noted that in any case, the first principle is that the overall collocation should be appropriate.

3. Surface treatment design planning

Marble with good luminosity will appear high-grade visually. Therefore, after the marble background wall is completed, it must be maintained and crystallized. In the case of some special design schemes, the non-smooth stone may be used.

4. Cabling planning in advance

Marble is selected as the background wall, which is environmentally friendly and durable. However, due to the use of special viscose for paving and fixing, the disassembly is very troublesome. Therefore, in the decoration planning, it is necessary to plan the circuit layout as clearly as possible according to the placed household appliances, to avoid the embarrassment that the wires are still exposed after occupancy.

Installation process of marble

Natural marble materials are generally thick. To ensure safety, the double insurance installation method is generally adopted. That is, first connect the plate with the base skeleton, and then supplement glue for reinforcement.

1. Base treatment

For the installation of the background wall, the wall base course shall be treated first. The wall surface of the base course must be cleaned, free of floating soil and ash, leveled, and coated with a damp-proof course.

2. Keel installation and fixation

For marble with large specifications and unconventional thickness, the use of steel keel can reduce the impact of marble on the wall, and then improve the overall seismic resistance. According to the plan drawing, drill holes in the wall and embed the fixings, weld the wall fixings with the keel, and then weld the keel with the support frame. The keel is required to be firmly installed and flat with the wall.

3. Marble slab installation

The overall horizontal line and vertical control line shall be drawn during stone installation. Marble must be installed on the keel frame. First fix the lower part of the marble slab, drill holes, insert the hanger of the support frame, fine-tune and lock, then fix the upper part and side of the stone, and finally connect the empty anchoring agent to reinforce the slab.

4. Curing crystallization

● Precautions for marble background wall construction

The construction of a marble background wall must be carried out in strict accordance with the decoration plan. To create a beautiful TV wall, you need to pay careful attention to the following matters.

1. Construction requirements of marble TV wall

The marble background wall is made after the carpentry is finished, and the marble decoration is made. After the marble is installed, the paint construction shall be carried out. During installation, the wall shall be dry and the construction environment shall not be windblown. The construction shall be carried out according to the organization’s plan and strictly controlled.

2. Precautions for marble installation

Draw the control line according to the setting out of stone, and determine the horizontal and vertical lines of stone and other data. The stone slotting shall be set according to the standard spacing of the hanger position, and the slotting depth shall be determined according to the length of the T-shaped plate.

3. Construction and maintenance of marble background wall

In the process of marble cutting, handling and construction, there will be some bumps and natural defects. To improve the overall visual effect of the marble TV curtain wall, it is necessary to maintain the marble background wall, make up the marble defects, waterproof treatment, and so on.

About the relevant knowledge of marble background walls, this article will be written here first. You are welcome to email me at, share more interesting stories about marble.

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