Specially Shaped Stone Summary

Natural stone is strong and durable and not easy to deform, so it is an essential material in architecture. In addition to the above advantages, it has strong plasticity and can be processed into all kinds of shapes you want. This is one of the reasons why stone has not been replaced so far.

Today, let’s share those things about special-shaped stones. In a broad sense, the special-shaped stone is all finished stone products except stone plate (flat plate). For example, the common roadside stones, columns, capitals, carvings, lines, steps, countertops, arches, windowsills, door frames, stone stools, stone tables, and so on. Different special-shaped stone processing methods are also different, so what are the processes of special-shaped stone?


Three-dimensional special-shaped stones: portraits, animals and other themes or shapes, stone carvings, plane relief, carved columns, capitals and pedestals, carved furniture, handrails, stone fireplaces, flower pots, vases, tombstones, fountains, carved window covers, door covers, handicrafts, etc. It can be regular symmetric products or irregular asymmetric products.

The main processing methods are splitting, chopping, grinding, shoveling, chiseling, drilling, etc., which can be completed by manual processing or mechanized processing.


Plane special-shaped stone products: such as kitchen and bathroom table panels, conventional stone lines, water knife parquet plates, worktable panels, and desktops, conventional curbstones, corners, etc., their shapes can be symmetrical or asymmetric.

The processing of plane-shaped special-shaped stone is relatively simple, which can be produced mainly through simple processing procedures such as cutting, grinding, and polishing; It is mainly finished by machining.


Curved plate products: such as arc plate, cylinder, regular radian curve line, etc., whose shape is symmetrical.

The processing of curved-shaped stone is relatively simple (it will be more difficult than flat-shaped stone). It is mainly completed by simple processing such as cutting, grinding, and polishing. However, its equipment is advanced and is specially used to process curved sections (such as diamond rope saw), which is mainly completed by machine processing.

With its unique natural color and texture, excellent physical properties and processing performance, and gorgeous and solemn decorative effect, stone products have won the favor of the majority of consumers. They are widely used in building installation, home decoration, art carving, living appliances, etc., especially in building decoration, such as door cover, window cover, Roman column, fountain, arch, carving, parquet, etc, It has won the hearts of consumers and designers. However, some losses cannot be avoided during the processing and production of these decorative articles, as follows:

Flat class

1. When round stones are processed into vases, the loss is usually 40% – 60%;

2. If it is processed into a round desktop, the loss is usually 40% – 50%;

3. Make a round stool, and the loss is usually 30% – 40%;

4. If the round stone is processed into a candle stand, the loss is usually 45% – 80%;

5. When made into cans, the loss is usually 50% – 70%;

6. The loss is usually 30% – 40% when it is made into disc-shaped (class) appliances;

7. The loss is usually 20% – 50%.

Waste materials

1. When the stone blocks are processed into balls, the loss is usually 50% – 60%;

2. Into an elliptical sphere, the loss is usually 45% – 60%;

3. When the stone block is processed into round stone (original column), the loss is usually 20% – 70%;

4. Stone blocks are carved into special-shaped carvings, and the loss is usually 40% – 75%.

● Custom category

1. When the slate is processed into an ashtray, the loss is usually 35% – 75%;

2. When the slate is processed into a square plate (class) appliance, the loss is usually 20% – 30%.

The loss of natural stone will be affected by stone types, processing methods, processing machinery, processing modeling, etc. Therefore, the above loss is only for reference.

With its artistry and plasticity, natural stone is like the finishing touch, adding the elegant and luxurious grade and artistic flavor of the whole building. Deeply loved and welcomed by people, it has become an irreplaceable material in the construction industry. Well, we’ll stop talking about this topic today. If you have more good suggestions, please email me at sales@sntstone.com.

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