Special Stone Fortune Ball

Stone fortune ball originated in the late Qing Dynasty. Because the ancients had no power generation technology, the water wheel was not enough to rotate such a huge natural stone water ball. Therefore, when the steam engine, electricity, and water pump were introduced into China at the end of the Qing Dynasty, the fortune ball was a simple, convenient and practical thing to attract money. So in this article, let’s tell the story of the stone fortune ball.

▍ the fortune ball is a symbol of people’s mental and spiritual vitality. The mystery is to give life to the hard stone and become a pearl on the geomantic treasure land. Life lies in movement. Scroll to show aura. Set at home, it is lively and interesting, adds aura, and embellishes the brilliance of life; For example, large fortune balls are installed in hotels, office buildings, venues, and villas to add momentum and symbolize vitality and rolling financial resources.

Fortune ball pebbles include marble, granite, white marble, sandstone, etc; Rotating body, dancing melody, and gurgling water hold up a great miracle! Let’s feel life, feel life, feel great power and feel the philosophy of life!

▍ classification of air and water spheres

1. By color: red, yellow, white, black

2. By material: Granite fortune ball, marble fortune ball, cave fortune ball, sandstone fortune ball, jade fortune ball, etc

3. By size:

Small fortune ball: the ball diameter is 5cm-40cm

Medium fortune ball: ball diameter 50cm-80cm

Large fortune ball: ball diameter 90cm-150cm

Giant fortune ball: diameter 160cm-300cm

▍ working principle

1. The chassis (column) is filled with water, and the water pump is used to pump water and spray upward to impulse the stone ball on it, which makes the stone ball rotate for a long time, symbolizing “rolling financial resources”.

2. There is a certain pressure and speed for water to flow upward. There is a ball and socket under the ball. Due to the increase of the contact surface, the water bag in the ball and socket can increase the water impulse of the water pump many times, so that the water pump has enough impulse to jack up the feng shui ball. At this time, there is no friction between the ball and the supporting plate.

3. The water gushes out in a large area and has a large buoyancy contact surface with the ball. Therefore, it seems that the water is not urgent, but it can make the ball rotate because the buoyancy of the water is completely stressed on the surface of the ball. The friction between water and the ball is small, and water is equivalent to lubricating oil, so the resistance of ball rotation is the gravity of the ball in the vertical direction. A small force in the horizontal direction can make the ball rotate.

4. The force in the horizontal direction comes from the slight inclination of the ball holder so that the force on both sides of the fortune ball becomes uneven, and the water also comes out from the high side of the ball disc. At this time, the feng shui ball rotates, the wind generates water, and the financial resources roll. This is the reverie brought to us by fortune ball.


Chinese people pay attention to fortune, which is often used to build rockeries in front of and behind their houses. Pool, fish, and deer; Is to take, mountain management, a prosperous population, the home has a backer; It means that the water pipe is prosperous and the wind is smooth; Fish is homophonic. There are fish every year. Deer means prosperity all the way. Therefore, the placement of fortune balls is also very important. Large fortune balls pay less attention to the placement. They are mainly installed in hotels, office buildings, venues, and villas. They are arranged on both sides to add momentum and imply rolling financial resources.

Pay attention to the fortune balls placed indoors:

1. It should be placed at home to avoid evil spirits and urge wealth.

2. Don’t put it under the God of wealth, because the fortune ball has water. If you commit the great taboo of fortune, you will be in danger of losing money.

3. Do not put it behind the sofa, because water is impermanent from the perspective of fortune. Relying on it as a backer, it is difficult to seek stability. In this way, there will be no mountain reliable and affect the stability of house transportation. However, if it is next to the sofa, it will not hinder the fortune of the house.

4. Do not collide with the stove, because the kitchen stove belongs to fire, “water” and “fire” collide, especially can not become a straight line, which violates the taboo of water fire collision, and water can overcome fire, so the victim is the stove belonging to fire, which will be harmful to the health of the family. In addition, Shanghai is the same.

Therefore, the fortune ball, which symbolizes people’s ideas and spiritual vitality, is placed in an appropriate position at home, which brings good fortune to the home but also adds Aura! Well, this article will be written here first. If you are interested, you are welcome to email me at sales@sntstone.com.

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