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We will often see some small stone crafts, they are fine workmanship, small and exquisite, and the range of adaptation is also relatively wide, deeply loved by many consumers. However, due to the influence of many factors, the market sales have been depressed. These products are gradually forgotten by the public, and fewer enterprises are processing such products. So this article will talk about the specific classification of stone small crafts:

1. Vase

Vase small crafts account for a large proportion of small crafts, not only can be used in hotels, hotels, various public buildings indoor space decoration but also can be widely used in family decoration.

The stone vase is more artistic and decorative than small crafts made of glass, ceramics, wood, and other materials. Especially the natural texture of stone makes the Stone Vase more charming.

2. Four treasures of cultural houses

The four treasures and auxiliary tools of the small arts and crafts can be processed with stone, especially the stone plate, the shape of the curve, and the exquisite carving, which makes the inkstone plate have high artistic value. In addition, the pen holder, ruler, pen holder, inkstone plate can be processed with stone.

Stone scale small crafts because of the stone sink, it is very suitable for making the ruler press paper so that the paper surface is flat. The ruler is processed with jade, crystal clear, refreshing, inspiring people’s spirit and entertaining people.

3. Ball products

Geomantic ball and fitness ball are small stone ball crafts. Fengshui ball is a small handicraft with profound meaning, which means “wind and water rise and wealth roll”, which is a small handicraft of the ideal home, bringing good luck to the family; Although the fitness ball is small, it has a great effect. It is often used to play between the hands and is beneficial to physical and mental health. So it’s called fitness ball.

4. Office supplies

Business card boxes, file holders, book blocks, and various shelves can be used for small crafts processing of stone materials.

5. Pendulum type

Indoor small ornaments are popular small crafts, such as Ping An buckle, jade small carving crafts, photo frames, etc.

6. Lamps

Lamp holders and lampshades in lamps can be made into small crafts. Stone lamps and lanterns are simple in shape, but they are not lost in the beauty of the domestic show.

7. Clocks and watches

Stone clocks and watches used to be popular, and now they are rare. Small crafts such as clocks, clocks, watches lining plates, etc.

8. Sanitary products

Soapbox, towel tray, bath bottle, sundry shelf, and bracket of sanitary products can be made of stone materials into small crafts.

9. Tea set

Chinese people like to drink tea. Making tea plates, teapots, tea sets, and teacups with stone materials are very important small crafts of tea sets.

10. Tableware

Stone is used to making the stone pot, and it is used in food cooking to produce delicious food. Stone pot, stone bowl, wine cup are tableware small crafts. Especially, stone pot has been used for fish making in the stone pot for these years, which has made the stone pot famous. The glass of wine night light is made of stone.

11. Kitchen utensils

Stone mortar and stone mill are small kitchen utensils. Stone mortar and stone grinding are ancient small stone crafts, with a long history and long-term.

12. Bonsai

Bonsai small crafts are loved and have the most romantic life. The potted scenes of stone processing are placed on the case table, electric cabinet, and tea table, which can not only decorate the home environment but also improve the master’s artistic accomplishment and artistic taste.

13. Seal

The seal is a traditional small handicraft, popular for thousands of years, especially the seal of the national seal is also a treasure in the seal, extremely precious. The production of the seal is closely related to carving.

14. Carving small crafts

Stone carving small crafts are the best in small crafts, with high artistic appreciation value and aesthetic value, and have a deep connotation. Much small craft carving decorations are very in line with Chinese culture and are very popular among Chinese people.

15. Murals, hanging paintings

The natural landscape paintings of stone materials are made into various murals and small hanging arts and crafts. The decoration of the home environment can improve the decoration level of the family environment so that the humble room is warm and colorful.

16. Hand ornaments, pendant, jewelry box

Hand decoration and pendants are the earliest small crafts of human beings. In ancient times, human beings used various stones (stones) to make various small craft decorative articles, such as jade pendants, jade bracelets, and other jade products that decorate the human body.

17. Ashtray

The ashtray made of stone is a very beautiful small handicraft and is popular with the people who love it.

18. Candlestick

Candlestick is not only a common home decoration handicraft in the west but also a kind of home decoration handicraft that Chinese people love to use. Out of fashion nostalgia, modern people use candlesticks and candles to decorate the home and bake the atmosphere. The design of candlestick is more and more diversified and refined, which makes the ambassador of candlestick as a kind of sentiment Ambassador gave new meaning. Several sets of candlesticks are equipped in the decoration of the family. It is romantic and warm, colorful and emotional with the romantic scattering and flickering dim light of the candle.

19. Entertainment

The use of stone to make military flags, chess, chess, and other entertainment chessboard, chess, and other supplies. When entertaining, you can enjoy the beauty of natural stone texture and color, and cultivate the temperament.

20: Fruit dish utensils and crafts

Fruit dish instruments are made of stone, especially those with strong jade quality. The grade is far higher than that of the fruit plate made of plastic, metal, glass, and wood. When fresh fruit is packed with natural stone, the bright color and natural texture are beautiful and exquisite.

As a supporting accessory of stone, small crafts are also good products. Small crafts are small products, which can be processed with scraps. The material cost is almost zero, which is of great significance to the full use of stone resources, and these small stone crafts also bring endless fun to our lives. Well, this article is written here today. You have more shares. Welcome to send me email

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