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The place we use every day is the most easily neglected place. We should not be unfamiliar with marble. A marble wash table is a good choice, make it with the surrounding decoration, in the color of unity, can play a good decorative effect, will be very practical! This article will talk about the handwashing table:


●   The hardness is high, marble is dug from the very deep underground. After hundreds of years of extrusion and precipitation, the hardness has become very high. The washing platform made of marble will not easily scratch.

●   The structure is stable. After hundreds of years of precipitation, the marble structure becomes very stable, and it will not shrink, expand, deform and burr due to the rapid change of temperature. It is the most suitable stone to use in the toilet.

●   Long service life, marble table is not afraid of acid-base liquid erosion, will not rust, not easy to stick to dust, nor affected by humidity, the service life is very long.

●  The texture is natural and beautiful, and marble has not been weathered, so its texture has always been the original appearance, very natural, and the marble wash platform has the color advantages that other stone materials do not have. It can choose a lot of colors, from black, white to pink, dark green. Also because of its rich color, it looks very high-grade.

2. Classification

According to the design form of marble, we can divide the marble washing platform into the upper and lower basins. In short, the basin is called the basin on the platform completely placed on the table, while the basin completely depressed under the table is called the basin under the table. The advantages and disadvantages of the two are compared as follows:

●   Advantages of the basin: easy to install, many products, easy to dismantle and repair; Disadvantages: the connection with the table surface will appear warping (especially the cheap water basin), which is easy to appear the phenomenon of water leakage and sanitary dead angle to the tank cabinet. If the installation is not careful, there will be exposed glass glue, and the time will turn yellow for a long time;

●   Advantages of the basin under the platform: linked with the tabletop, the effect is beautiful, easy to clean, and there is no dead corner of sanitation; Disadvantages: it is necessary to install in the table processing workshop, and the water basin will deviate from the middle position of the tank cabinet due to the lack of experience of designers or installation workers; The tap with proper outlet angle shall be selected; The second use of the basin is inconvenient for disassembly.

3. There are too many marble hand washing tables on the market. How can we divide them?

Classification by marble material

●   Granite washbasin

●   Sandstone washbasin

●   Limestone washbasin

●   Marble washbasin

● Jade washbasin

According to the installation mode

Column basin (column type), platform basin (table type), and hanging basin (wall type). There are two types of platform basins: platform basin and subtle form basin.

According to the opening of the faucet of the marble washing table

No hole basin, single hole basin, and three-hole basin.

According to the use of marble hand washing table

Divided into bathroom basin, Kitchen Basin, and laundry basin.

4. Nursing and maintenance

Marble has an elegant luster. Because of the porosity of stone, it is difficult to keep the luster of marble. Sealing helps prevent stones from absorbing liquids, but acidic liquids (such as orange juice, lemon, soda, various foods, and household cleaners) corrode stones, so how can marble handwashing pans be maintained?

●    Regular nursing, regular brush

Under normal circumstances, the effect of handwashing table protection can last for about one year, and different degrees of pollution and damage will occur within 2 years. Therefore, maintenance should be carried out regularly. Small bathroom wash table, no need for professional stone care company construction. It is suggested to use a “stone strengthening care agent” to brush by itself. The price is not expensive. You can wipe it with a small cloth. This can be used as a cleaning, protection, and polishing function at the same time, and it is convenient to use.

●    Prevent long-term water accumulation

After use, drain the water from the basin and wipe off the water on the surface of the table.

●    Choose the appropriate cleaner

Stone is afraid of strong acid and alkali. As we all know, for the sake of rapidity, the composition of the cleaning agent cannot be ignored in cleaning stone. The ordinary cleaner contains acids and bases. If the detergent of an unknown component is used for a long time, the surface luster of stone will disappear completely, and even damage may occur.

●    Prevent scratches

The hard object scratch and steel ball scratch will reduce the protective effect of stone, and should be avoided as far as possible.

●    exceptional case

If deep pollution, serious light loss, surface aging, microcracks, cracks, or damage, you can ask a professional stone care company to deal with it.

Marble as a washing platform is a kind of artificial dumping with its dynamic texture and luxurious and elegant temperament. The texture of each marble is different. The texture of the marble is clear and curved, smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, revealing a mysterious and confusing luxury extraordinary temperament. Marble wash table on the market, different shapes, different materials, different functions, the specific choice of which, that depends on your eyes! Well, this article is written here. For more information about the marble washstand, I hope you can send me an email at!

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