How to use stone in the area of the shoe cabinet and wine cabinet

In interior decoration, shoe cabinets and wine cabinets generally have open space, and more and more customers choose to make stones in this open space. What are the ways, advantages, and disadvantages of making stone in the open space of shoe cabinets and wine cabinets? Let’s discuss this article.
Common practices in shoe cabinet and wine cabinet

Mode 1
The open space of the shoe cabinet and wine cabinet is made of stone. First, a separate cover plate.
This method is simply to directly cover a piece of stone on the table of the shoe cabinet and wine cabinet, and the outer opening of the stone is processed either unilaterally or at right angles, or bilaterally.

Mode 2
The second way to make the stone in the open space of the shoe cabinet and wine cabinet is to add a cover plate and backplate and left and right side plates.
In this way, the lower, rear, left, and right of the open space is made of stone to form a spatial visual sense of stone.
Advantages and disadvantages of making stone in the open space of shoe cabinet and wine cabinet

Advantage 1: beautiful.
The second advantage is to protect the wooden cabinet and avoid water stains, stains, and scalds.
Advantage 3: increase the color contrast of the cabinet area to form a color difference.
Advantage 4: improve quality.
Advantage 5: easy replacement.
Advantage 6: convenient cleaning.

Disadvantage 1: increase the cost.
Second, the gap between the stone and the plate will increase, which will affect the beauty.
Precautions for making stone in the open space of shoe cabinet and wine cabinet

  • The measuring ruler must be accurate. Whether it is a separate cover plate or a thickened edge, if the size is short, there will be a large gap with the closing of the wine cabinet and shoe cabinet. If the size is long, it will protrude from the plane of the whole cabinet, and the overall effect will be very poor;
  • In the process of installation, an environmentally friendly adhesive with strong viscosity must be used. When applying adhesive on the back of the stone, it must be careful. When paving on the surface of the cabinet, the amount of glue should also be controlled. More will affect the whole cabinet space, less will not be sticky, and the stone will loosen over time. In addition, special attention should be paid to cleaning the spilled glue in time when applying glue.
  • It is not recommended to treat the stones separately when making shoe cabinets and wine cabinets. The size of its own shoe cabinet and wine cabinet will not be too long under normal circumstances, and it is completely unnecessary to divide them into pieces. In addition, after splitting, the treatment of the gap between plates is also a particularly troublesome thing, which affects the beauty, and the flatness is also a big test,
  • Try not to place highly polluting substances, such as oil stains, on the stone panel. If they are accidentally spilled on it, they must be cleaned up in time. If it’s really necessary, please don’t worry about another piece of stone. If it’s really necessary, please clean it directly.
    With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are not only satisfied with food and clothing but also enjoy the spiritual level. The perfect combination of shoe cabinet, wine cabinet, and stone improve this enjoyment to another level.
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