How To Set Out The Stone On The Floor And Wall Of The Lobby?

In this article, we will first focus on the stone lofting knowledge of the lobby floor and wall.

The lobby is the most critical part of an interior decoration project. The decoration effect must be ensured, the best materials shall be used, and the setting out and typesetting effect shall also be the best. The lobby floor and wall shall be combined for setting out. Generally, the wall shall be placed first and then the floor; The construction is also to install the wall first and then the ground, mainly to facilitate the protection of the decoration surface; There are two ways to install the lobby wall, wet hanging, and dry hanging; Small projects use the more wet hanging, and now the proportion of dry hanging is increasing.

Wet hanging saves space and construction cost; Dry hanging takes up more space and the cost is high, but the decoration effect should be guaranteed. The setting out method of the dry hanging wall is basically the same as that of the external wall setting out, and the size of the stone finish can be determined directly by measuring the size of the steel frame; Of course, the safest way is to put the finished surface line of the wall on the ground with ink bucket line, and then measure it.

The drawings of each elevation shall be drawn separately according to the plane size, the height shall be determined according to the position of the horizontal line and ceiling, and the position of doors and windows shall be determined accurately; The location of fire hydrants should also be accurate. If the lobby is in a regular shape, the size of the floor can also come out after the size of the wall finish comes out; For the setting out of large or irregular lobby ground with more walkways, the coordinate method should still be used.

Select the appropriate center point as the origin of the coordinate system according to the plan, and try to select the axis of symmetry as the datum line. The fewer the datum lines, the better. However, in complex terrain, in order to locate accurately, you can select an appropriate line parallel or perpendicular to the main datum line as the auxiliary datum line.

The importance of the datum line. The function of the datum line during setting out is to facilitate the measurement of dimensions; Typesetting is more important than the construction benchmark. The ground typesetting will generally add appropriate allowance in the appropriate corner. In order to ensure the decoration effect, the construction benchmark is the starting point during the installation, which shall be consistent with the typesetting benchmark as far as possible. The setting out personnel shall communicate with the construction personnel in the process of setting out and typesetting, and maintain the unity between the construction starting point and the specific position of allowance.

The size of the main specifications shall be reasonably determined during ground layout. Firstly, the designer’s opinions shall be respected, and secondly, the material yield of stone shall be considered; The partition in the height direction of the wall shall be mainly based on the designer’s opinions and properly adjusted in combination with the side elevation; The parts in the length direction shall be reasonably divided according to the overall size of each facade. Considering the position of doors and windows, the division principle is to make the specifications and sizes of plates basically consistent as far as possible, and there shall be no too narrow small pieces.

As a stone manufacturer, for site setting out, we must focus on communicating with the construction unit, Party A, and the supervisor, especially for some complex spaces, we can’t operate based on personal experience, because the design and application of stones in each project are different, so communication is very important, and it is important to combine the actual processing of stones with the site conditions of the project, Optimize each link on the premise of ensuring the effect. Well, this article will be written here first. You are welcome to email me at Share and exchange more stone setting out skills.

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