How To Set Out The Stone Of Rotating Stairs?

The surveying and mapping data required for winding ladder setting out mainly include the plane size of stairs and the elevation of each part; According to the setting out data, it is necessary to be able to draw the plan of the civil engineering and finished surface of the stairs, as well as each elevation (including the inner and outer sides of the stairs blocking the river).

First, carefully digest the drawings, including stair civil engineering drawings and decoration design drawings, and calculate the width (including inner and outer sides) and height of each step from the civil engineering drawings; Understand the details of stair steps and river blocking through the decoration design drawings.

The plane dimension of the spiral ladder is measured by using the plumb line on the ground, selecting as many points as possible to project the edge contour of the stair civil engineering on the ground, and then setting out the finished surface line of the stone outside (and inside) of the river barrier on the ground according to the size of the node drawing. Considering the civil engineering error, the arc can transition as smoothly as possible in the process of setting out the finished surface line, It can finish the surface with a few arcs as possible to ensure the decorative effect.

Determine the starting point and endpoint of the rotation position of each section on the internal and external finished surface lines, and take the platform as the division. When determining the starting point and endpoint, the intersection of the finished surface line of the step riser and the inner side of the river shall be used as the dividing point. Under normal circumstances, only the top level and the bottom level of the stairs need to be considered. If there is no standard for the civil engineering step level, it needs to be adjusted during the construction process, It is necessary to negotiate with the construction personnel to determine a reasonable starting point and ending point.

For the determination of elevation, the floor height shall be measured according to the horizontal water line. If there is a platform between floors, the elevation of the platform shall be determined. (the step height of each level shall be divided equally according to the elevation, and the obtained step height shall meet whether the civil step is enough.

It is better to make the height of all steps consistent. If not, at least ensure that the height of each step is consistent.) draw the drawing of stair decoration finish surface according to the measured data. The plan includes river blocking and step finish surface. It is better to draw the civil foundation line on the same drawing; The elevation shall also be completely drawn, as well as the node detail drawing;

If the stairs still need to process handrails or vase columns and closing columns, they should also be drawn together. The reasonable determination of the partition scheme of stair river blocking shall be based on the combination of plan and elevation. The general rule is to partition according to the step level, one in two steps or one in three steps; According to the conventional practice of our company, we should take a step forward to block the river, to ensure that the blocking height at the platform is consistent with that at the climbing place. The blocking height at the climbing place is the vertical height of the inner cover plate at the junction of the side plate and the vertical plate.

For the treatment of stair closure, the treatment of stair closure is the key and difficult point, especially at the interface between the inner river barrier and the platform. Due to the large height change, rapid turning, and great processing difficulty, we should carefully consider when setting out, and carefully communicate the closure processing scheme with the construction personnel, even if our design is reasonable, If we do not install according to our intention during construction, problems will also occur, so we should communicate in advance to ensure the consistency between processing and construction.

The setting out of stone rotary stairs is a very technical test, and it can’t tolerate carelessness at all. Especially for some stairs with very large radian, the requirements for setting out are higher, and it is still combined with the particularity of stone. To highlight the performance of stone, some should pay attention to the combined effect of lamp strips and other materials. Well, this article is written here. If you have more good methods for stone rotating stairs, please send an email to Share it with me.

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