How To Set Out The Stone Of Column And Arc Wall?

Cylindrical stone setting out

Columns are relatively independent decorative stone products. Most columns are independent columns, which are composed of column head, column body, and column base; Part of the lobby is connected to the horse-running Gallery in the middle of the columns.

The civil engineering of the column is round or square. Before setting out, check the civil engineering drawings and decoration design drawings, find the civil engineering dimensions and decoration finished surface dimensions of the column, and see the node drawing to understand the construction method.

The plane size of square civil engineering can be measured directly with tape. Considering that civil engineering error is inevitable, several more points can be selected for measurement according to the height of soil columns.

Judge the error size by visual inspection. If necessary, it is best to put the stone decoration finished surface out on the ground, or fix a wooden formwork (finished surface) on the top of the column, check the distance from the finished surface to the civil engineering with a hanging hammer (that is, check the verticality of the column), and judge whether the construction space is sufficient in combination with the construction node drawing?

Circular civil engineering can use a tape measure to measure the circumference of the civil engineering cylinder, then calculate the diameter, and finally use the finished surface to detect.

The height of the cylinder is another key parameter, and the direct measurement of civil engineering is inaccurate, which needs to be measured according to the elevation and the horizontal line of the site. Generally, the elevation of the lower bottom surface of the column base can be measured by reference to the horizontal line. The elevation of the upper end face of the column head should be measured by referring to the ceiling drawing and finding a reference point on the city wall.

Judge whether to add allowance in height according to the detailed drawing of the interface between column head and ceiling and between column base and ground. When the racetrack is connected with the column, the reasonable contact between the column arc plate and the racetrack shall be considered in combination with the section of the racetrack to facilitate processing and construction; The height of the column body can be divided into three sections.

The circumferentially divided parts shall be reasonably divided according to the diameter and combined with the arc plate processing characteristics. The circumferentially divided parts of the arc plate with square civil engineering are recommended to be combined in four parts.

Stone setting out of arc wall

Arc wall can be divided into two cases: inner arc and outer arc: when the light surface is an inner arc, if it is a radius, we can use chord length and arch height to calculate the radius. If it is a multi-radius case, we must use the coordinate system to determine the joints of different radii and the half diameter of each section.

When the light surface is an outer arc, we must use the coordinate system to fix the point. When taking the point, we must find more points. When measuring, it must be perpendicular to the axis we set and then draw an arc at three points, and finally take the best radius.

The arc wall shall be processed with an arc of one radius or connected with as few arc segments as possible. The arc shall be processed immediately after setting out. It is required to put out the finished line of the arc surface for inspection on-site according to the design data to ensure accuracy.

The setting out of a special-shaped arc plate is difficult! First of all, we should understand the concept of a special-shaped arc plate, and we will talk about examples in the following typical cases.

The upper and lower end faces of the ordinary arc plate are two parallel and equal sectors, and the side edges on both sides of the side are mutually parallel segments; The upper and lower end faces of the conical arc plate are two parallel but unequal concentric sectors and the side edges are two line segments that can extend and intersect; The difference between special-shaped arc plates is that the two sides are different plane segments that are not in the same plane.

For the setting out of special-shaped arc plate, the design law of arc wall shall be found out first, and the arc wall shall be divided into areas and set out in sections. Generally, several appropriate elevations are taken to set out the contour line of civil engineering or steel frame, or the finished surface line of stone can be set out directly; At the same time, it is also noted that the mutual positional relationship of the finished surfaces of each elevation requires that the shape of the arc wall can be accurately described on the computer.

For this special product, the coordination requirements of setting out, processing, and construction are closer. The benchmark is very important and must be strictly consistent.

The setting out of the stone column and arc plate is equivalent to an ordinary flat plate, which is still a little difficult, but these difficulties can be solved as long as the technical points are well controlled. Well, this article will be written here for the time being. I look forward to your email, share more interesting stories.

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