How To Set Out The Stone Materials Of The Elevator And Toilet?

Stone setting out of elevator lobby

The elevator room belongs to the public area of the hotel, where the flow of people is relatively concentrated and has high requirements for stone and decoration effects. The shape of the elevator room is generally a regular rectangle with a small area. It also has high requirements for stone processing and construction. It is required that the wall and ground should be matched naturally and integrated.

Of course, the setting out of the wall and the ground should be carried out at the same time. The decorative stones in the elevator room mainly include ground specification board and wave, ground mosaic, skirting line, wall specification board, waistline, ceiling line, elevator door pocket line, etc.

The setting out method is similar to the setting out method in the lobby. First, the finished surface line of the stone wall and the finished surface of the side plate and line of the elevator entrance should be set out to achieve accurate positioning. From the design point of view, the processing and construction can be simplified. The function of the door pocket is to close the mouth.

If the elevator door pocket can be designed as a relatively independent shape, the setting out is simple, so we should carefully digest the design drawings, and properly adjust the closing scheme without changing the design effect, to make the setting out easier to operate.

In the setting out process, we should pay attention to the node detail, such as the contact between the door pocket line and wall and side plate, the contact between the skirting line and wall panel, and the detail of the ceiling line. We need to comprehensively consider the convenience of processing and installation and select the most reasonable node drawing.

Stone setting out of toilet

A bathroom is a place with a large amount of stone. Generally, the standard room of the hotel mainly makes stone in the bathroom. We must understand the functions of sanitary ware and supporting facilities in the bathroom to better complete the setting out work.

The high-end toilets of larger hotels are divided into three small areas, including bathroom, toilet, and shower room, which are mainly divided according to their functions. The bathroom is equipped with a bathtub and wash table. The toilet includes a toilet and women’s cleaner, and the shower room is separate.

The walls and floors of the toilet and shower room are generally made of stone. In addition to the washing table, bathtub table, and vertical plate, the floors of the bathroom are mostly made of stone, and the walls will not be made of stone. The conventional practice is to make stones below the waistline, and the wall stones are the waistline, dado, and foot line.

Of course, this is only a conventional practice. We must deal with it according to the design drawings. First, find out the specific parts of all the stones, and then conduct setting out the survey in different regions.

The toilet and shower room are relatively independent and small in area. The wall and ground can be set out and measured uniformly; The bathroom is relatively complex, so it is necessary to combine the bathtub countertop with the handwashing table to set it out together.

During the setting out of the toilet, the relevant sanitary ware data must be known, and the supporting stones of the bathtub and washstand must be processed according to the corresponding sanitary ware size; For the bathtub, it is important to know the matching relationship between the tabletop and the bathtub and the bathtub specification. Whether the washstand is a basin on or under the table, the opening size and position are very important, including the water pipe size and opening size of the faucet. The data should be complete.

The threshold stone is used for closing. It can be determined accurately only after the door frame is installed. If the stone door pocket is made, the blanking size can be determined in combination with the design size.

Generally, the space of the elevator and toilet is not large, but stone closing is a very important link. If lines are required in the design, pay attention to the detailed drawing, etc. Well, this article will be written here first. If there are any deficiencies, please email me at Let’s share and exchange.

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